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by Alisa Princy (2020-02-22)

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The basal metabolic StrictionBP Review rate is the number of calories the body needs over a twenty-four hour period when the body is at total rest simply to maintain itself. Ideally, you want this number to be as high as possible. The more muscle you have in your body the higher that number will be.The key point I want to make here is that losing weight is known to decrease insulin demands on the body. This is very beneficial, however, losing weight rapidly by severely restricting carbohydrates or total calories can cause too much of the weight that is lost to be lean muscle mass. To maximize fat loss, caloric restriction should be moderate at best and exercise should definitely be included in the weight loss efforts to preserve muscle mass. Milt Bedingfield is a certified diabetes educator and exercise physiologist. Milt received his graduate degree in exercise physiology from The University of South Florida in 1988. Milt has been teaching people with diabetes about the disease and how to care for it for the last 18 years. The food guide pyramid was designed to help both Type I Diabetics and Type II Diabetics. In our country, the majority of diabetics are not showing signs of improvement. It isn't uncommon for a diabetic to follow their food guide pyramid, or their suggested program to the letter and still not see a change in their blood sugar levels. You can type 'diabetic food guide pyramid' into Google or any internet search engine and get results. These generic, non-specific guides may work for you or may not. Some are misleading and some are very useful. Always remember that type two diabetic needs to be very careful when choosing which guide to follow. The type two diabetic should learn that a guide that has the bottom section of the diabetic pyramid made up of grains, making it seem like grains are the most important food for diabetics, is very misleading. Some guides recommend; 6 servings or beans, grains and starchy vegetables like peas and corn.

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