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Cardio Clear 7

"reignafancy" (2020-02-24)

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Cardiac arrest is the sudden and complete Cardio Clear 7 Review loss of cardiac function. It is usually due to ventricular fibrillation and less often to a systole. They can usually be distinguished only by an ECG or during cardiac surgery when the heart is visible. More commonly attempts at resuscitation have to be commenced before an ECG is available. The indication for resuscitation is clearest when the death has occurred as a result of an accident, as with an electric shock or from drowning, or when the cardiac arrest occurs during the course of an investigation such as cardiac catheterization or even from an intravenous injection. The development of the technique of closed chest cardiac massage (external cardiac massage), together with mouth-to-mouth ventilation, has improved the outlook immeasurably and now all doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers and attendants should have received instruction in this vitally important form of first aid One of the problems in hospital practice is to determine when it is inappropriate to attempt resuscitation and to ensure that such attempts are not made, with all the anxiety which they inevitably produce for other patients in the ward, when there is a great likelihood that they will be unsuccessful or that, even if successful, the quality of the life to which the patient returns may not justify the use of the procedure. Inevitably it is sometimes necessary to institute resuscitation until someone familiar with the patient's illness can make the decision as to whether the attempt should continue.

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