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Fungus Eliminator

by Alisa Princy (2020-02-24)

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Implant arthroplasty, or Fungus Eliminator Review joint replacement is the third option. Here an implant made of silicon, rubber or metal is inserted in the toe to act as a replacement for the removed bone. What to Expect After Hammertoe Surgery After having hammertoe surgery, you can expect to have some swelling, stiffness and limited mobility. For some it can take as long as 8-12 weeks to be walking normally again while others can walk immediately after surgery. According to the surgeon, which surgery they performed and the way they did it, instructions after hammertoe surgery will follow the surgeon's instructions to the letter. A typical recommendation could involve restriction of weight bearing for 24 hours after surgery, a splint for 2-4 weeks, and continued wear of appropriate footwear. Exercises to increase the strength in the foot and toe muscles may also be suggested. What Are The Risks of Hammertoe Surgery? There is a risk of infection with any surgery. Your toes may swell for long periods following hammertoe surgery. Nerve injury, numbness, limited range of motion, or extended periods of pain may occur. There is also no guarantee that the procedure will work in every case and the deformity could return. Options to Avoid Hammertoe Surgery There are more conservative approaches to relieving pain from hammertoes. Using splints to realign the affected toe may take away your need for hammertoe surgery. Protective padding on corns and calluses can alleviate pain as well. Perhaps the most important is choosing the correct footwear by selecting shoes that have proper support and a wide toe box so they do not rub and irritate the toe at the problem area. Wearing foot orthotics designed to relieve the pressure on your toe deformity and increase your biomechanical efficiency can also be effective. If the hammertoe deformity occurred because of improper positioning of your foot, orthotics can be important to control foot position after your surgery so the hammertoe deformity does not return. Your physician will take many things into consideration before suggesting hammertoe surgery.

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