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Blood Sugar Formula

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-24)

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You must have wondered that Blood Sugar Formula Review how athletes can perform strenuous exercise without getting weaker day by day. The answer to your long owned query is that our body has a prime source of energy. This prime source of energy is the glucose in the blood of the person. The body cells gather this energy from blood glucose. This glucose has been drawn by the blood from the food a person eats. Whenever a doctor has to diagnose diabetes in their patients, the first test on which their diagnosis depends is blood glucose level test. This first test is an integral part of the series of tests; though there are many other factors like medical history that needs to be analyzed. The basic two tests that has to be performed to be certain the person is suffering from diabetes are Fasting Blood Glucose Test Oral Glucose Tolerance Test Fasting Blood Glucose Test This test needs a fast. It means that person has to go through without eating or drinking anything overnight for 8 to 12 hours. If the results of the tests are above 126 mg/dl then it signals that person is diabetic. Oral Glucose Tolerance Test This test requires an initial fast of 8 -12hours. A blood sample is drawn then the patient is given a glucose filled drink termed glucola. This sugary drink generally contains 75 gm of glucose. After every 30 minutes a blood sample is drawn. 6 blood samples are required on which glucose levels are tested. The results of the blood glucose levels enable the doctors to diagnose if the person is suffering from diabetes or not. These are not only diagnostic tests but are also carried out to check the current blood glucose levels. Once a person is diagnosed with diabetes the main aim is to achieve normal blood glucose levels. This further reduces the risk of diabetic complications that includes nerve damage, impaired vision and cardiovascular problems. The prolonged cases of hyperglycemia may even result in diabetic coma.

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