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"reignafancy" (2020-02-26)

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Finally, one aspect of hair damage a lot of Gaia’s Protocol Review us over look is: the sun. We all take heed of the advice that warns us about how the sun can damage our skin, but not many of us think about our hair. When going on holiday or living in a hot climate it is important to use hair care products that are designed for hot weather. Brands such as Mark Hill have created lines of products designed to combat sun damage.You're wavy and curly hair might have really troubled you a lot. But the solution is right here, one that has been used by many celebrities world over. It is known as the Brazilian straightening treatment. All it takes is two hours and your hair simply turns from a drag to wow. Also given that the results last for as long as four months, you wouldn't be required to make any visits to the salon every week nor spend any money on retreatment for the period.The Brazilian hair straightening treatment which is quite an intense process softens, smoothes, and makes your hair healthy and straight. Given the fact that no strong chemicals are used under it, there is simply no damage to the hair. After all Keratin the substance used for the process is a natural one which forms about 88% of your hair. The treatment though is not a permanent one and as the substance wears off, the hair takes back its original natural form. The treatment is also recommended for all hair types be it virgin, straightened, colored, highlighted, curly or wavy.However when going for the Brazilian straightening treatment make sure that you look out for a few things. Firstly it is important to know the products that would be used by the salon on your hair. The best ones are 'Chocolate', which are directly imported from Brazil itself and is therefore used by most large and major salons. Also see to it that the hair specialist working on your hair has adequate experience with the particular system.

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