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Gaia’s Protocol

by Alisa Princy (2020-02-26)

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Choosing a shampoo and Gaia’s Protocol Review conditioner for fine, thin hair is a key element in increasing the depth of your hair. Leave on conditioners or oil based conditioning treatments are often weighty and while they may leave your hair smooth and shiny, they won't increase the volume. Choosing a formula for thin hair requires finding a shampoo and conditioner that is lightweight and adds volume. Many people with fine hair choose to skip conditioner, but this often leaves you with fly away hair. Both your shampoo and conditioner should be specifically formulated to treat fine hair and increase volume. Look for labels that indicate volume enhancing, thickening or that states the product is for use on fine hair. These products are lighter and will give your hair room to move. When you apply your conditioner, avoid penetrating the roots. The less weight on your hair, the easier it will be to create some lift. Instead, start adding conditioner about a third of the way down from the roots. For styling products, using mousse is preferable to gels, again due to the weight of the product. Using some mousse and blow drying your hair upside down will increase the volume in your hair. You can also use a light, misty hairspray to hold the volume. Have you ever admired another woman's fingernails? The kind that are funky and colourful and you find yourself wanting to copy the look. Well, why not be your own trendsetter? Fabulous fingernails are part of the overall image you present to the world. It should compliment your personality and style, but the best thing about fingernails is you can add a little more glitz than you would with the rest of your wardrobe. Short or long, you can find a style that suits you best, but it might take a little time and effort. If you're not skilled at adding stencils or beading to make your nails fancy, you can try out different styles with false nails.

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