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"reignafancy" (2020-02-26)

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Heel Fractures commonly occur to sportsmen, Clear Nails Plus Reviewespecially runners. It is a common ailment suffered by fast bowlers all over the world. It requires rehabilitation for a long period of time. There are cases of sportsmen out of action because the time required for complete cure and subsequent training. Among runners it affects long distance athletes, especially marathon runners.Heel stress fractures are a little different from fractures happening to bones in other parts of the body. Heel fractures happen due to repeated stress. Other fractures happen in a single event. In addition to the heel the two bones extending from the knee to the ankle and also those between the ankle and toes are also affected. This is perhaps because of the location of the heel in between the toes and the ankle.A major reason for heel fractures is weakening of the calf muscles. It is the calf muscle which absorbs most of the pressure traveling through the feet and ankle. The ankle joint and the heel bones thereby take very little pressure. A weakening of the calf muscles results in considerable reduction in shock absorption and motion control, increasing stress on the parts of the foot between ankle and toes.Weakening of the calf muscles plays an important factor in heel bone fractures. This explains the difference in its occurrence, between men and women sports persons. Men with much bigger calf muscle are less prone to such disorders than women. A study has clearly shown that strengthening of the calf muscle is the most important thing to be done to reduce the possibility of getting a heel fracture.

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