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by Alisa Princy (2020-02-27)

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The 2nd thing is LumaSlim Review going to need to be a change in your eating. You don't need to go on some crazy starvation diet or eat weird things, and I don't want to teach you how to do that. I want to teach you how to lose your love handles while still enjoying life and becoming more healthy overall. So the eating change is going to be a healthy one. The first eating change is that you need to eat natural foods. By natural foods I mean foods that are grown from the ground or are raised on food from the ground, so "plants and animals". Our bodies were designed to digest and use the nutrients in these foods, they weren't designed to use the chemicals that can be found in lots of processed foods. Natural foods have more nutrients in them that your body needs to function properly and increase your metabolism. Also natural fruits, vegetables, and whole grains have a lot of fiber in them to help you feel full so you don't eat as many calories. Lean proteins are needed to rebuild the muscle you have been using and protein is also slow digesting so it helps boost your metabolism. If possible eat several smaller meals through the day. This keeps your metabolism higher and helps you to not get real hungry and pig out later. The 3rd thing you need to do is drink a lot of water. Your body needs water to function in every way. As you increase your calorie burning you need water to help keep you going and flush out toxins and boost your metabolism. The 4th thing you want to do is focus on the love handles area and do some exercises that help tighten the muscles in the love handles area and increase the blood flow to those areas to increase the fat burning. Some of these exercises are: side bends, oblique crunches, normal crunches, back extensions and twists. They can also provide you with a structure and some motivation in the way of mapping out a plan and providing a series of success stories about other people who have overcome obesity by following that plan. If you feel that you need that extra support, then there is nothing wrong with buying a book and following a plan.

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