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Internal 911

by Jerome Princy (2020-02-28)

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Some are published Internal 911 Review authors on the subject, while the work of others survives only in what has been written about them and their incredibly eye-opening efforts. Chief among these, perhaps, was a doctor who was 14 years old when the civil war ended, and died in 1940, at the age of 89, before America entered World War II. With a medical practice spanning 68 years, for the last 50 years Dr. John H. Tilden refused to use drugs of any kind, running a school and sanitarium in Denver, Colorado, where he taught his patients how to live without accumulating toxins, and how to eliminate poisons when they caused illness. As a result, for most of his medical career, Tilden was severely censured by the rest of the "medical" profession. Tilden believed that germ theory was, for the most part, delusional. And he had results, from cleanliness practices to dietary causes and cures of most major illnesses, to back up his beliefs. A prolific writer, Tilden published many revealing books in the 1910s through the 30s, including: Impaired Health -- It's Cause and Cure, in 2 volumes (1921, revised in 1938), Children -- Their Health and Happiness (1928), Constipation -- A New Reading On the Subject (1923), and Food, Its Influence As a Factor in Disease and Health (1914, 1921), to name a few. Tilden's most popular work was Toxemia Explained, There's Only One Disease -- And You Have It! (1926, 1935, republished 1976, 1981). In it, Tilden said: "Vaccines and autogenous [self-produced] remedies are made from the products of disease, and the idea that disease can be made to cure itself is an end-product of pathological thinking" (p. 18; pathological = diseased).

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