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by Jerome Princy (2020-02-28)

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Because of the recent Glucocell Review developments in technology, diabetes self management can be done on the Internet or even through your mobile phone. With a mobile diabetes management program, you can access your test results on your mobile phone and send them to your doctor and family members. In addition, getting diet and health tips is made easy because these can be viewed on your mobile phone. Thanks to this advanced feature, self management of diabetes can be done without any hassle. Have you been led to believe eating excess amounts of carbohydrates or sugars, causes type 2 diabetes? Unfortunately this misconception gets in the way of tackling the real issue... so step one is to dismiss this from your thinking. Neither type of diabetes is caused by eating sugar: Type 1 diabetes comes about due to an autoimmune response, meaning the body reacts against itself. In the process a vital part of itself, the beta cells of the pancreas, are destroyed. This is when eating sugar becomes a problem because the type 1 diabetic has none or very little insulin available to help sugar to enter the body's cells. Type 2 diabetes is brought about by genetic inheritance combined with factors such as obesity and what actually brought obesity about. In some ways it is man made... although genetics may play a part, it is essentially the result of life style choices. What does that mean... although there is a genetic predisposition, without becoming obese, type 2 diabetes would not develop. Too much body fat sets the stage for type 2 diabetes; it decreases the body's ability to use insulin... it sets up insulin resistance. Extra fat is the result of taking in more calories or kilojoules than we burn, which means:

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