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VitaMove Back Pain Relief

"reignafancy" (2020-02-28)

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My life was miraculously spared VitaMove Back Pain Relief Review 2 years ago after a series of events that occurred due to a 7 year long prescription drug addiction given to me by one doctor to "improve the quality" of my life. I was "chemically raped" by a toxic load of vicodin, oxycontin, morphine, methadone, soma, fentanyl patches/tablets, trazadone, lyrica, percocet, & ativan...ALL given to me for concurrent usage.Three things happened to me within a 3 week span. First, I went into a coma. Secondly, I had a psychotic break due to the toxic mix I was given to take by my trusty doctor; I ended up in a mental health unit to detox. Thirdly, I ended up in a cardiac intensive care because this "chemical rape" of the lethal cocktail I was given, caused serious heart irregularities as well as electrolyte imbalances.My point? There are alternative therapies for chronic pain...find one or more of them or you'll find yourself dead from Addiction.My 2nd point? Don't trust your "trusty" doctor. He took an oath to "do no harm", but, he may do you harm anyway. After all, his income is more important than you are.We Provide Services to Permanently End Addiction & Put it in your Past. No Meetings! No 12 Step Nonsense. Addiction Coaching via Teleconferencing. Drug & Alcohol Intervention.

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