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My Sugar Balance

"reignafancy" (2020-03-03)

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But does the modern population eat those My Sugar Balance Review healthy cell membrane building foods?Unfortunately, the body does not know how to handle the plasticized food that most people eat. Those plastic foods come in the form of margarine, other forms of hydrogenated fat, fried food, trans fats, pastries, doughnuts, French fries, and other denatured, overheated and thoroughly bashed and trashed food.Now the body has no choice but to try and utilize this "death" food to keep itself alive. A dilemma ensues as the cell membrane fills up with plastic fats. Next the cell membrane slides into degeneration in its ability to regulate the nutrients and wastes going into and out of the cell. So the cell becomes starved for the healthy nutrients it needs and begins to drown in its own waste products.Now insulin gets a really big job. It cannot perform properly because of the deformity of the pathways into the cell. Body physiology now has to use more force (a bigger hammer) to pound the glucose into the cell. The blood sugar levels begin to climb as sugar backs up in the blood.And the blood insulin levels go up too. That's right most people with adult onset diabetes have high insulin levels, a hormonal response to the starving cell's need for sugar inside the cell. With more and more obstruction in the cell membrane the insulin "hammer" gets bigger and bigger.Billions of dollars provided to research institutes are spent in the quest to cure diabetes. Sometimes we make things very complex when it's really as simple as the mouth on a person's face.

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