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"reignafancy" (2020-03-05)

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I have come to believe that the biggest Subliminal360 Review problem for most people is one simple a word. A word that has the power to change lives in drastic ways. What is that one word you ask? Commitment.That's right, the one word that has the power to change your life forever is commitment. Why is commitment such a powerful word? It's simple. Most people, and I'm talking about a very large majority of the population simply will not make a commitment to something until it's done and over with.If you desire success, that means you must answer Yes to all of those questions. As Alexander Graham Bell is quoted as saying: Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.The strengths of the Green's are that they are organized, planners, accurate, and persistent with great follow-through. Their weaknesses are in being over-analytical, hard to please, depressed (I wonder why), and lonelyThe keywords that a Green would use are: Why, graphs, charts, research, exactly.Dislikes of the Green are pushy people, no facts, and being late.Last but not least are the Red's. Why did I put them irritate them! Red's make up 15% of the population and their motto is, "Get out of my way!" Red's usually occupy the positions of CEO, attorney, airline pilot, name buildings after themselves and like to be called "The Donald!" Red's are direct and self-contained. The speech of the Red is forceful with volume...can you hear me! The strengths of the Red's are in the fact that they are focused, goal oriented and intense.Yes, the Red's have weaknesses, but they will never admit it. The weaknesses of the Red's are: Ego, short tempered, domineering, impatient, and un-coachable. You just can't teach them anything!

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