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"reignafancy" (2020-03-05)

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Perhaps the best teacher of the value No BS Manifesting Course Review of persistence is a toddler. Have you ever watched a toddler learn to walk? How many times do they get up, totter about, stand, fall, stand again, fall again, and then start to walk, one halting step at a time. How many times do they fall before they can stand and walk? Hundreds? Thousands? It takes months of persistence for a small child to learn to stand and walk. They do not give up and no one would expect them to give up. Persistence changes them into a successful bipedal creature that eventually can walk, run, and engage in all manner of athletic activity. All because they did not give up. All because they were magnificently persistent. Learn from small children and great men and women of history. Learn from your own experiences. Learn that persistence pays off. Do not give up easily. Try and try and try and try and try again.As Winston Churchill observed, the most important secret to success in any challenge is to Never, Never, Never, Never, Never, Never, Never give up!Daniel R. Murphy writes on personal development, leadership skills, time management and how you can build wealth and financial independence.For a long time, one's IQ (Intelligence Quotient) was considered the leading determinant of success (financial and personal). However, as more studies looked into the lifestyles and success factors of those with high IQ's, it became clear that this theory did not bear itself out. Many with high IQs had lives that were filled with work and relationship failures.

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