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No-BS Manifesting Course

"reignafancy" (2020-03-06)

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We loaned some money from my husband's No-BS Manifesting Course Review parents in order to make the move to New Zealand after I secured a job in the Hutt Valley just outside the capital of New Zealand, Wellington. At first, it was like we were on an extended holiday enjoying tramping, skiing, and riding cruiser motorcycles around the countryside. We also enjoyed kayaking in the sounds.Again, I became frustrated at my job and also had a longing for family. My husband and I visited his great grand mother who lives by herself in Adelaide. At that point I experienced a strong longing for family & so I decided to create a family of our own. In 2004, our first son was born. At the same time, I received voluntary redundancy from my place of work - I had a subtle call from my manager that strongly suggested that I apply for redundancy and the application was accepted within 24 hours of me making application.During that time, I had my first experiences with self development and I was encouraged to work with dreams in an effort to overcome my current frustrations with my life and to help me to adapt to being a Mum and so on. This was the first time that I had very clear visions of the road leading back to our family property in central Queensland. I would see myself as a very feminine princess riding a big white horse traveling back along the road, taking shortcuts through the dry creek bed.At the time, (this was 2004), I didn't get the significance & I successfully applied for a job in Auckland where they were willing for me to start when my son was 6 months old.

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