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by Jerome Princy (2020-03-06)

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The only way conditioned Subliminal360 Review self can resist the inherent destiny to awaken is to create a hidden disclaimer. When distractions don't work, when have to's or should's don't work, this usually does. So instead, our conditioned self agrees that awakening and living to our full potential is vital, "but just not yet"! Secretly driven by the reasoning of conditioned self, even Awakening becomes some future goal - a 'Not Yet'. A brilliant strategy of ego-mind, the inevitable Awakening is made into some future event to be sought out. And so, welcome to the ranks of the perpetual seeker and impotent dreamer. Are you ready to stop seeking? Are you ready to stop inflating your ego with all the devout spiritual acts you perform? The fact is there is nothing in awakening for the conditioned self. It disrupts all the status quo we have been taught to conform to. Locate that spark of desire to awaken within you. It is always there. Stop the Not Yet and embrace what brings you joy now. Living your life to the fullest is not some day, it is every day, starting now. Though insidious, conditioned self is limited, Authentic self is unbounded. Be open and your life will guide you, and is right now. Life itself will help you to follow your dharma or life's work. Your Calling, your larger life, is seeking you and craving to be recognized as much you are seeking it. Hear your "Not Yet"; follow it to its source. Become aware of your conditioning - how it shows up in your thoughts and actions (or inactions). Always remember that just beneath your conditioned responses lies your heart's desire. Success tips are really important for you to learn and apply in order to live the life that you want. Unfortunately there are too many people struggling in life and extremely unhappy with the way their life is being lived. But too many times they stay stuck in that same rut some times for years. It does not have to be that way.

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