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No-BS Manifesting Course

by Alisa Princy (2020-03-06)

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But this is only No-BS Manifesting Course Review successful to the extent you make conscious choices about your image to ensure you create a credible, memorable, effective, consistent and positive personal brand. At Élan Image Management we coach our clients by helping them asses the current state of their image and advise them on steps they can take to align their image with their goals. Typically we have them answer a few questions to get them started, such as: What brand image do I want to convey? Are my clothes and appearance consistent with this image? If yes, what can I do to further refine my image? If not, what can I do to create an image aligned with my goals? Answering these questions is typically a defining moment for many clients and a start in a transformational image journey. Personal branding hinges upon establishing a reputation for yourself, showcasing what differentiates you from others, and conveying the unique 'value add' you bring to a situation. What does it mean to succeed? Does anyone other than you or your immediate family really care if success comes your way? Regardless of what they may say, the answer is no. Not just no, but emphatically NO! You can hire a business or personal coach for the advice and direction they provide but do they care? Not really. You are only a client or student, an employee who is helping them succeed. You are income for them. You are contributing to their successes. Who really cares if you succeed? So where does the drive for success come from and exist? Deep down inside is where the the drive to succeed originates and thrives. That is where the real concern for your success lies.... deep down inside. That is where you find the push that gets you going every day. That is where the "why" resides. What is the "why?" Is it the inner pride that comes from achievement? Is it the desire to achieve fame or fortune? Is it your competitive nature to be the best, to beat the competition? Are you one of those who feels that second place is really "the first place loser?" Only you, yourself, can really know what motivates you to succeed! In the first sentence above the question was posed - "What does it mean to succeed?" Does it mean having the biggest house, best car, most money in the bank or the largest business? What is this thing called success? The dictionary will give you a meaning or two if you look it up. Ask a group of 50 people and you will probably get many very different responses. Real success has many meanings but the only meaning that really matters is the one deep down inside you.

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