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Raikov Effect

by Jerome Princy (2020-03-06)

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One of the critical Raikov Effect Review awarenesses to develop is understanding that all the urgent demands for our time and money, "act now" offers, and insistent sales ploys seldom have much to do with our real needs. They are about the needs of the ones making the offers. They work because they play upon your fears and sometimes desperation. You don't have to bite. The biggest mistake most of us make is believing we have to do it all NOW. We're so afraid of "missing out" that we cram all kinds of activities into our current schedule -- even though these activities are about future projects, not current ones. There's not really any reason to spend your time on these efforts now. You're just cluttering up your schedule and your mind with information that will be outdated by the time you really need it. The worst part is you're making your current life miserable in a misguided effort to "keep up." Pay attention to your motivations of not wanting to be "left behind" and the price you pay for that. Buying into this thinking keeps you in a constant state of fear that drives an ever increasing intensity. You aren't even enjoying these efforts. Many are triggered by "half baked" motivations. Take the time and make the effort to look at ways to do less to make space to get more done. Eliminating that frantic energy from your life and putting your energy and efforts into what is significant to you will bring you a tremendous increase in life satisfaction. There are times in life when we have an idea that seems to take on a life of its own. It is well received by others. The timing seems perfect. Circumstances suggest that it is meant to happen. You are ready, willing and able to execute the idea -- and excited about doing so. Clearly you've had an idea whose time has come. These ideas are uncommon and are the result of being at the center of circumstances, trends, personal development, and relationships that can all contribute to the actualization of the idea. It's almost as if the idea realizes itself and feels destined to occur.

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