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"reignafancy" (2020-03-06)

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So how are you doing so far? So far we've Subliminal Guru Review listed what we don't want, and don't want to feel. We've listed what we do want and what we do want to feel, we've clarified in detail our vision, our dreams and our goals for our lives. We've created categories and assigned a timeline to achieve each of our goals. And we've also taken it one more step further and created a 30 day action plan for each of our top priority goals we want to work on first. Way cool stuff, right? Well, now how do we keep moving forward on a regular basis? Again, I think this is critical stuff for most of us and where our ball gets dropped repeatedly. We need to keep our dreams and goals in front of us daily, if possible, and at the very least, weekly. This is where I feel visioning is critical to our success. We need to see and feel our dreams happening to us, and manifesting in our lives and we need to vision them daily or as often as possible. You can read your goals and action plan, which is good. Or another very effective and recommended method is to use pictures and to create a vision board which can be hung where you can regularly see it or it can also be portable and something that you can take with you everyday to view. Whichever method you prefer, just know this, you need to keep your dreams and goals, the vision and feeling of achieving them and having them, in the forefront of your mind. This can and will be challenging at times because we all have "life stuff" that can distract us from our focus. But that's okay. We can quickly get back on track and with enough clarity, focus, commitment and determination, I promise you, you can do it, you will start to see amazing things happen and one day all your dreams will come true!

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