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Raikov Effect

by Alisa Princy (2020-03-07)

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Undue criticism is Raikov Effect Review hard to handle at the best of times and while you will need to identify the difference between constructive criticism and undue insult it is important for the sake of your confidence that you do not allow silly or hurtful comments from others affect the overall way that you feel about yourself. When the words of others are unhelpful and hurtful this is abuse and is not to be tolerated. Remove yourself from people who cannot offer helpful useful criticisms. We all a touch of reality and growth but don't take undue criticism. In the even that you have prepared to your best ability, broken each task into steps and loved yourself silly all morning, in some situations especially in a group setting even the most confident person can succumb to pressure so it is important when in a difficult situation that you have a back up plan. This will be the best way for you to stay calm in a sticky situation without making a fool of yourself or others. One of the most effective ways that I have had suggested to me is when feeling under pressure to focus on the importance of the situation. Not in the sense that if you mess up its all over, because those thought will be detrimental but to remember the excitement and potential of the situation. Remind yourself why you went in the first place and this should be enough to get you through, other tips are deep breathing and a quick visualization to keep you bouncing till you can re-strategize at a later stage. As I discussed in part one, change is a process and the better you understand that process the better you can bring change in your life. As you change you can now identify where you are in the process and see what is necessary to go on to the next step. Here are the last three steps to the process of change. Maintain relevant action. Once you have taken the relevant action to make change you have to continue that action. Consistency is the key to change. You can't expect to do something for a week or a month and think that all the change you want will happen. Of course some things may only take a few weeks but most things will take much longer. If you want true change you have to maintain relevant action until the change has occurred. Regression.

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