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Blood Sugar Ultra

by Alisa Princy (2020-03-09)

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It is well know Blood Sugar Ultra Review that a diet that is high in fruit and vegetables is linked to the protection of cancer, heart disease, macular degeneration, obesity, and other age related diseases. By knowing what fruits a diabetic can eat is an enormous step towards combating this terrible disease and achieving optimum health. The answer to this complicated query is YES. It is recommended that food therapy must be followed under strict supervision of doctor. The blood sugar levels must be checked frequently to maintain the levels in the required range. Foods To Avoid By Diabetics: It is always recommended to avoid certain foods if a person is diabetic. The top most in the list is table sugar and is followed by syrups, sweets, jams, glucose, fruits sugar, molasses, pastries, biscuits, condensed milk, chocolates and other fried stuff. It is also better to stay away from different fats like ghee, butter and hydrogenated vegetable oil. It is also better to reduce the intake of white flour and polished white rice. It is better to stay away from different processed foods. The prime examples of processed food are junk food, cookies, pastries and other processed foods. These processed foods contain preservatives which are not good for health they also contain plenty of salt. It is also advisable to stay away from drinking soft drink as they contain plenty of sugar. Fried foods must also be avoided. Smoking is also bad for all but especially for diabetics. Smoking utilizes the oxygen of the body and as a result lesser oxygen is left for the metabolic process of glucose. Foods To Be Limited: In addition there are some foods which consumption must be reduced. The top in the list again comes salt. The salt requirement of the body is easily fulfilled with the help of consuming fruits and vegetables. The consumption of animal proteins especially red meat must also be reduced. The diabetics should also lower down the intake of eggs and other poultry products. The amount of alcohol and caffeine must also be limited. It is recommended that diabetics must not drink more than 2 cups of coffee in one day. It is better to substitute coffee with herbal or green tea. The better examples are Blueberry leaf tea and tea made walnut tree leaves.

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