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Sugar Balance

by Alisa Princy (2020-03-11)

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Monosaccharides are Sugar Balance Review the major source of fuel for metabolism, the vital biochemical reactions (such as digestion) that occur in your body. They are used both as a source of energy (glucose being the most important) and in biosynthesis (the creation of more complex compounds such as cells from simpler forms). Polysaccharides are used for the storage of energy (eg, as starch and glycogen), and as structural components (eg, cellulose in plants). When the monosaccharides you ingest are not needed immediately they are usually converted into glycogen, a polysaccharide, in the cells of your muscles and liver where they are also stored. Later, when energy is needed, muscle glycogen is converted into glucose in the muscle cells where it is used and liver glycogen is changed into glucose for use throughout the body. Glycogen, however, only functions as a secondary store of energy. The primary way you store energy long-term is in the form of body fat, which is formed once you have plenty of glycogen. Your excess glucose is converted into fatty acids. The fatty acids are then changed into body fat (aka blubber). There are more types of diabetes, but these are the two major ones. They have many similarities, especially in regards to the effect of diabetes. At the same time, they are very different in the cause of high glucose levels and in the treatments available. It is important to treat each type properly in order to have a good quality of life. Dealing with Type 2 diabetes can feel overwhelming. The condition affects many areas of your life as it takes daily maintenance to stay healthy. Having a good support system can help you deal with diabetes. Friends and family members can be good sources of support, and peer support groups are another option. If you've ever wanted to share your thoughts with other Type 2 diabetics and give and receive support, a group of this type may be for you. How do diabetes support groups work? Most groups have a leader who will facilitate each meeting. Usually there is a specific topic discussed at each meeting, with time for members to talk about issues and exchange tips. Topics may include... Heart and blood vessel disease is a concern for anyone who has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and their healthcare teams. According to the Hoorn Study carried out on the general population in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Type 2 diabetes and blood vessel disease act synergistically to cause heart attacks.

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