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by Jerome Princy (2020-03-12)

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How to do this: Ideally you HydroSlim Review should aim to be drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day. Water is essential for healthy cells and for flushing toxins out of the body. You should keep a bottle of water in your car at all times and sip some at traffic lights or when stuck in traffic. Keep a bottle on your desk at work too. Drinking a glass after meal times will help your body to realize that it is full. If you find it tough to drink this much water at first you can substitute a few glasses for some mugs of green or herbal tea. How to do this: We're all told to aim for three square meals a day, but it is even better for your body to eat five or six smaller meals. This speeds up your metabolism and keeps your body running. Bring a snack with you to work so you're not going hungry between breakfast and lunch. Eat a smaller meal at dinner time, and have a light snack before going to bed. How to do this: How often do we reach for the cookie jar out of boredom? Mindless snacking leads to weight gain, and most of the time we're not even hungry anyway. Wait until your stomach starts to rumble and then eat, that's how you really know you're hungry. And don't eat everything on your plate to the point where you're stuffed - put down the fork between mouthful and if you start to feel full, stop eating. How to do this: Any little bit of exercise you do will be of benefit to you. And the more you do, the more you will be able to do. Walk to the store instead of driving. Get off the bus one stop early. Play football with the kids for half an hour before work. Take the dog for a walk. All of these things are little changes that will go a long way towards achieving your weight loss goal. As your weight loss journey goes on, you will sometimes find that your energy is starting to lag and that you need a real boost to your motivation. Sometimes just wanting your perfect body image to become a reality is not enough and you need a real push. This is where your home, car and office come in to play - it may surprise you but all three can be used as tools of motivation.

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