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Common Winter Plumbing Problems After Polar Vortex in Canada

by Ana Castaneda (2020-04-09)

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The past couple of days have been rough for the average Canadian, especially with the freezing Polar Vortex. The phenomenon brought with itself frigid temperatures and snowy days. The extremely cold weather has not only taken a toll on you but your home as well, especially the plumbing system.

The Polar Vortex Effect: Low Temperatures and Plumbing Problems

You may have undertaken preventative plumbing maintenance for the winter. You may have fixed the leaks, insulated water pipes and unclogged the drain. But, with temperatures going as low as -50°C in Ontario, the following plumbing problems can affect your home:

1. Frozen Pipes

Low temperatures and high-water pressure often cause the water pipes to freeze. And, this year the number of such occurrences has increased due to the artic temperature all around GTA. If there is a change in water pressure, leave the tap slightly open to reduce the pressure. But, if it doesn't eliminate the problem, switch off the main water valve and call a plumber immediately. It is because any delay can lead to pipe bursts and flood your entire home.

2. Clogging of Drains

If you have discarded food scraps down the drain, food accumulation in pipes can create problems. And, when the frequency of cooking increases during the Holiday Season, grease and fats from food can clog the drains quickly. It can also lead to water backup. If the terribly cold weather has resulted in drain clogging, do not use harmful chemicals. If you have any inquiries concerning in which and how to use and more. Proudly serving Springboro, you can speak to us at the web site. Instead, call a plumber to manage the issue efficiently.

3. Water Heater Failure

Whether you own an electric or a gas water heater, cold weather can cause issues. The heater has to work overtime to heat freezing water. Also, we use the appliance more often in winters causing a frequent burn-out situation. Make sure that you keep the temperature below 120 degrees to avoid problems. And, if the water heater is not working properly due to sediment buildup or any other reason, contact an HVAC technician immediately.

4. Water Leaks

Water leaks and pipe bursts are not an uncommon sight in winter. Due to extremely cold temperatures, existing water in the pipes expands and thus causes leakage. If you have forgotten to drain the outdoor pipes and hoses, pipe bursts can become an expensive reality for you. The issue of pipe bursts is more likely to occur if the water pipes are old and rusty. Call an emergency plumbing service to solve the problem immediately.

5. Septic Tank Problems

Siberian temperatures and lack of cover can affect the septic tank system. When it is extremely cold, the line coming to the septic tank can freeze. If the septic system freezes, avoid using an open flame to thaw the pipe or adding antifreeze to the system. Instead, contact a septic tank specialist immediately. Let the pros thaw the system with professional steamers. If you haven't pumped out the septic tank recently, hire special services for septic tank pump outs during winter and avoid sludge backup into your pipes.

Plumbing Problems can happen in any Home

No matter how much you prepare for the cold, winter months, plumbing problems can happen to anyone. Stop beating yourself up and contact an experienced plumber to help you solve the problem. Also, ensure that you undertake regular plumbing maintenance to avoid serious issues in the future.

Do not ignore the common problems caused by winter. Choose an experienced plumber for emergency plumbing service . And, if there are any heating issues, do not wait. Work with a licensed HVAC technician to ensure adequate energy consumption in your home.

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