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Should You Buy Backlinks?

"Monty" (2020-04-23)

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Search engines like Google give a lot more credit to websites that have a high number of quality backlinks packages. SO if we put a domain in and set the crawl levels to 1, hit ‘reverse crawl’ and you’ll see that it’s found 5,221 websites that link to my site and now it’s going to crawl each of those websites looking for links to expired domains. This has been the case for several years now. You will need a backlink tool for this. And backlinks are a tool they use to help facilitate this. Most people use Page Rank. But why search for difficult keyword phrases and not easy ones? Because difficult phrases require more and better backlinks to rank for. These are posts that are winning for competitive phrases… 1. Find posts that rank well for high difficulty phrase keywords in your niche. Keep in mind that you want to be going after competitive phrases that overlap with your niche!

These are the competitive keyword phrases. Whatever you are trying to sell, these are two things that are going to matter a lot. But once again, this makes a lot of sense. This makes sense though, because what Google wants more than anything is for your content to rank organically. A quick benchmark: look for a strong Alexa Rank. These are the ones that look almost impossible to rank for on the first page of Google, but that are 100% relevant to your audience, niche, and/or market. Why? Because you don’t need as many backlinks to rank for those long-tail keyword phrases. On the flipside of that, if you find long tail keyword phrases that have difficulty scores of barely 20… First, you want to find high ranking posts for difficult keyword phrases in your same market/niche. But first, let’s start at the beginning. Let’s talk about Skyscraper content in the next section.

Alright. Now, let’s get to the ‘meat and potatoes’ of this article. One of the worst things that can happen for your site is for it to get black-balled by Google. This is another marketplace from where you can purchase backlinks. Here is what NOT to do while building backlinks for your website. So without further delay, here are 5 steps that you can take to start building quality backlinks today! Link building strategies don’t end here. Link building services are often considered as slang in the SEO world. This is why Google uses backlinks to help factor an SEO score for posts. Google wants posts to earn backlinks organically. Google doesn’t want anyone to purchase links. And it doesn’t matter if cheating or lying or stealing is illegal and will bring the police after you. They will backlink to a site in which has nothing to do with their industry. Therefore, placing your backlink on a blog gives you a very good chance of being noticed on a consistent basis. I’ve also obtained a course that I’ve used to start training my own backlink team. I’ve developed this method through trial, error, and experience. 30 Minute Backlinks is a group of video tutorials that explain a new and unpublished method of gaining hundreds of links pointing to your site.

This method is free. We can find some strong evidence saying that quantity and quality of backlinks (either free or paid) determine the success of a site to boost up its popularity in search engines’ eyes. If you have a specific competitor in mind, you can start skyscraping by using Ahrefs’ Site Explorer to look for pieces in your niche that are doing particularly well. Step 1: What you'll need first are your primary KEYWORDS for the niche that you're in. It calculates how many links you need and how much does it gone cost you. All it will cost you is your time. If you buy spam backlinks backlinks from a pro, such as ibuybacklinks, you can be certain that you’ll get high quality links at a tiny fraction of the cost. Through the Autoblogging WordPress plugin, you quickly can monetize sites with the free keyword rich content. Armed with that information, reach out to some of the webmasters that are hosting backlinks to competing sites and ask for an opportunity to guest post.

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