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Interesting Web Design Trends In 2020

by Cleo Dunham (2020-05-06)

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As we roll into the second month of 2020, here are 5 key web design trends you need to be aware of:

Super Minimal Navigation

Since more people than ever before now use mobile devices as their primary web browsing devices, website home pages and navigation menus have had to become more simple in order to make sites functional on smaller screens. In 2020, super minimal navigation design trends are set to continue. In the primary menu on a website, only the most essential pages should be listed. Secondary links can be regulated to other areas on a website, such as a sidebar or a footer. Websites that use non-traditional navigation designs can certainly benefit from the trend towards minimalism.

White Space

White space was a website design trend in 2019 and the trend is certain to continue as the current year unfolds. More white space on a page removes distractions and helps viewers to focus on the content. A website that is too cluttered can cause visitors to feel anxious and indecisive - the worst feelings to innovate when you are trying to sell a product or a service. You can often dramatically increase conversation rates with white open spaces and concise messaging. Of course, 예쁜집 that doesn't mean that you should not include are graphics, images and colourful backgrounds on some areas of your site.

Human Faces

Websites in 2020 are going to have to become a lot more humanised in order to rise above the massive competition and outperform AI. Visitors need to see human faces to connect with when visiting a website. So, rather than using photos of products and services, you should aim to use photos of people interacting with or using your company's products and services. Your website's about page should also contain photos of the people behind your business.

Universally-Accepted Typography

Many website designers have been experimenting with difficult types of customised typography, but the problem with bespoke typography is that it does not always render appropriately across all devices. You don't want to spend time creating web designs that half your visitors might not even see. Therefore, in 2020, you should seek to use web-safe typography that provides a universal experience across all web bowers.

Dark Mode

Dark mode is becoming more and more popular as people often use their smartphones and mobile phones to surf the web in poorly lit environments. Many people are also starting to realise that dark mode can be easier on their eyes, especially when they are sitting in front of a screen for increasing amounts of time. So, offering a dark mode viewing option on your website is certainly something to focus on in 2020.

Featured about are five web design trends in 2020 that you need to take note of if you want to ensure your website outclasses your competition in the coming months. Remember, web design trends are constantly changing and evolving, so it's important to keep up to date with key developments by following an authoritative web site design blog or good web designer.

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