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Proofread to Create Perfect Essays and Keep Readers Interested

by Mr Joseph N. Kirby (2021-03-12)

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Perfect or near-perfect papers may not earn the respect of readers, but the reason for judicious editing is so readers don't notice what's missing.

There are students who ask, "Why, in this day and age, do people even care about grammar and spelling? You know what I'm trying to say, so why would you even let grammar or spelling bother you?" That's a good question, and it deserves an answer. Certainly, these students have friends they text and email, and those friends really don't care about the way the message is delivered; they only care about the message.

Complete strangers, on the other hand, do care and will - for good or bad - judge a person based on her writing. If an essay contains one or two errors, most readers will dismiss those mistakes. However, if an essay is riddled with errors, readers will be distracted and will likely come up with some unflattering assumptions about the writer. Here are some things for writers to keep in mind when they consider not editing their essays. Once I had to pay someone to write my paper cheap, and now I know what can you face.

A Poorly Edited Essay is Distracting

Many students feel proofreading their work isn't important because, they think, readers will get the message anyway. But that's not always true. If an essay isn't carefully edited, it can be distracting, particularly to people who are used to reading professional documents (such as a textbook for college).

A reader might not find one stray comma distracting, but several misplaced commas, followed with spelling errors, run-on sentences, and sentence fragments can make a reader decide to stop reading, and it will likely leave that reader with a bad impression of the writer.

An Essay that Hasn't been Proofread can be Confusing

According to Write My Essay for Me service's experts, some readers might not find a poorly proofread essay confusing, many will. Oftentimes, a tenacious reader will finally be able to figure out what the writer was saying, but figuring it out will stop the way the essay flows. Readers want to be drawn into what they're reading, and stopping to figure something out breaks that effect. For example, the sentence below could stand some proofreading:

When John left his girlfriend went to class.

The reader must pause and reread the sentence a couple of times to figure out that there should be a comma between left and girlfriend, but readers at first think that "John left his girlfriend." It isn't until they read went that they begin to figure out something's not quite right. An essay that has multiple errors like this can be confusing and frustrating to readers, and a writer doesn't want his readers confused; instead, he wants them to get his message.

An Unedited Essay Can Lead to Unflattering Reflections about the Writer

Unfortunately, some students still don't care to proofread their papers, even if doing so eliminates distraction and confusion for their readers. Maybe, though, these same students will care what their readers think of them.

No matter how intelligent or well-thought-out that student's message is, readers who encounter one written mistake after another may come to some unflattering conclusions about the writer. Readers might think the writer is lazy, wondering why she couldn't even be bothered to try to clean up her essay a little. They then might come to the conclusion that she just doesn't care. And if she doesn't care, why should the reader? If she didn't care about the delivery of the message, did she really care about the message itself? Finally, some readers will even think that perhaps the writer is not intelligent. Really, what writer wants to work on an essay, only to have someone else think she's not smart?

Careful Proofreading Helps Readers and Writers

Certainly, careful editing of one's essay will help readers. When an essay is full of mistakes, readers find those mistakes distracting and confusing, and they might even have to struggle to understand the essay's underlying message. Trying one's best to remove all errors will help readers to smoothly progress through the essay, and those readers will never notice what's missing. Instead, they will understand what the writer wanted them to.

On the same note, this careful attention helps writers as well. Writers who have taken the time to polish their essays will leave their readers with a great impression, and they may be viewed as intelligent and hard-working.

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