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this is SVRs football betting daily [Applause] welcome into the student section alongside Kelly in Vegas and big man on campus I am drew Martin every Monday four o'clock Eastern 1 p.


Pacific we will be hitting on the next week's college football games without further ado let's have in the panel Kelly and Vegas follow her on Twitter at Kelly in Vegas Kelly welcome in how are you doing thanks for having me drew life is really good I'm a little stranded in Milwaukee Wisconsin right now but hopefully I'll be back to Vegas either tonight or early tomorrow morning all right Kelly well hopefully hopefully all is well there in Wisconsin we excited to get your opinion on these college football games also an update on how it was in Wisconsin but next up big man on campus follow them on twitter at jeff naidu Jeff welcome in man always good to be with you drew excited do videos for both you today looking forward to a week three in college football week three it is we got some weekday games too we're gonna be talking about both of them singled out games so you know there's gonna be a lot of tickets written on them a lot of money on these college football games for the weekday action guys in the live chat thanks for joining us it gives us the thumbs up the light button there on your screen that would help us out but let's get right into these three games we got one zero three one zero for Boston College Wake Forest and ACC conference matchup here looks like the early lines is Boston College given a touchdown on the road Kelly do you have any early lien here on Boston College week for us you know I always tend to like some of these earlier in the week college games you can find some value especially on the home dogs so initially I was looking at this Wake Forest team you know catching some points at home kind of looked at a little bit further Road teams pulled three straight upsets and won four straight obviously as you guys know there are some injuries concerning Wake Forest maybe there's some issues also with the hurricane that's headed that direction but you know everybody seemed to have been really high on Boston College this year to start the season their offenses averaging 605 yards per game I kind of have to go with Boston College in this one okay early lien for Boston College and yeah you bring up the the hurricanes and there's a few games that might be affected by it so if all the watchers out there in the Carolina area anywhere where the hurricanes hadn't be safe out there but big man on campus what about you any opinion in this ACC yeah I gotta wonder if this games even played I mean Thursday night that's around when this hurricane is supposed to land and North Carolina is right in the thick of things there look I'll cap and as if the games going to be played I gotta wonder about Wake Forest I think this team towards the end of the season last year was really poor on defense and all of their quarterback right now who suspended Hinton but then I look at Boston College and I wonder how good is this team I mean you played Holy Cross and UMass both those games right at home you know Kelly mentioned the 605 yards of offense but again I mean look me you and 9 listeners Kelly could probably score against Holy Cross so I'm not exactly worried about that plus I look at Wake covered 11 of 13 as an underdog they've been terrific as a dog under Clausen you're getting a full touchdown in a game that look let's be honest could be a total weather game and in those games I'm generally gonna look towards the points I like Dylan a lot I think this guy's are terrific running back I've always liked adagio ever since he was at Temple University my hometown team but you know in a game like this where if it's played weather could be a problem I almost want to lean with the points and with the offense that I trust a little bit more at this late date at this early stage I'm looking towards if I'm getting a touchdown going with us and this line is we've considerably drew last night you had our BC - four open and everybody's bet a BC so far in in big man you bring up the quarterback concerns um he is suspended for this game this week right yes he's suspended indefinitely from what I understand okay so it's not like if they if they have the game and in a future first sergeant first three games for slap ology first three games yeah so so it would that carry over to the next week's game where it would that be over it this week that that's always an interesting thing of how the huh it's gonna be three full games so this game would be would be one of those as well so you know Sam Hartman the the freshman is gonna have to continue you know you look at I mean he's a first two games him you played Tulane which you're able to get a win there that was a pretty nice win in way and Tulane but if then you followed up with Towson I mean Sam Hartman did pretty well 242 yards but Towson or an FCS team actually being a quarter backed by Tom Flacco's related to our good friend Joe Flacco but yeah listen I wake is he's still gonna wonder about their uh their their their offense but I wonder a lot about BC as well I don't know if there really should be laying seven points in this kind of game yeah this is a tough one to start off with we are hitting the the week be weekday games plus UNC UCF and then we'll open it up from there and John Roy in the chat box saying don't even talk about this game it's gonna be cancelled so who knows he might really know what he's talking about as far as uh that being canceled but let's move on to a Sun Belt Conference USA game Georgia State vs Memphis looking at SBR odds right now it looks like twenty six or twenty six and a half across the board it's a big number here Kelly um do you have any opinion on this early Sun Belt verse AAC matchup you know initially I'm looking at this one going I'd probably want no part of it what what is the public remember last right these are things we talked about Georgia State off to a good start scored a touchdown and then got absolutely routed by NC State lost 41 to seven and there's Memphis who was a touchdown favor that lost it maybe both of these teams are kind of lackluster I guess I should say for lack of a better word and and I look at it and I go in I don't love this however Georgia State is 11 in for gets a spread has a road dog in the last four seasons maybe they can muster together a little bit more often did the previous week can keep it close enough to where it makes an exciting game yeah this is a monistic number here at 26 and a half almost four touchdowns to the better team for sure but are they really four touchdowns better it's a tough one big man you have any opinion yeah look with Riley Ferguson or something like that yeah I would probably lay the points here but the problem is they're not there anymore Blake Blake what's his name Blake Brady Miller whatever's the kid at Arizona State he's there now you look at last week weren't really able to move the ball I got to give a little back to Memphis because the weather wasn't great I'm actually I think Georgia State's a better team than maybe this number is leading on they have a dual threat quarterback now that they have a new offensive coordinator looking to be a little bit more spread oriented go little bit more up-tempo get the passing game going they have one of the better receivers no one knows about do I know you know penny Hart penny hire good player but yeah it was good player and Dan Ellington the quarterback can move the ball but look I'm always skeptical too late you know take points on a team like George's day you look at last week I mean they were absolutely punted as Kelly said you know there you go out of the seven nothing lead and then I can't do anything the rest of the game I just expect Memphis just be much more better athletically much stronger more physical I think a lot of people think this game will be affected by hurricane but I wouldn't think I mean Memphis is pretty far away from where this will be so I'm gonna look towards probably laying the points but one that I'll probably avoid as well I don't have a big opinion on this game it's kind of a big number and drew you make a good point are these teams really almost four touchdowns different maybe with past quarterbacks but not necessarily this yeah I kind of disagree with this move because what it opened up 22 and a half now 26 and a half and I don't know I'd like like we've all kind of touched on four touchdowns better I'm not really sure the quarterback play for Memphis wasn't really there I lost on that you're wearing the Navy shirt it's kind of uh I lost on that game big man did you bet it uh no I did not bet on it the weather kind of turned me away drew I mean there was a lot of weather issues what a lot of games generally a game like that's gonna benefit the Naval Academy we we've talked to it that kind of stuff you and I in the past and look Memphis is a team that I kind of you know they're in it you know they have a new quarterback like I said I think it's kind of an off year for them so no I I didn't I didn't bet that Kelly were you involved at all in the Navy Memphis game you know what there's a lot of things that people don't realize about me and I tried to really hone in on certain conferences and that Navy team and I did not bet him against Hawaii but I had a completely wrong read I thought that they would be able to go to Hawaii at least not cover but win that game and then to turn around and just kind of come out flat I was like you know what I don't really have a very good read on this team so I'm just gonna stay away until I you know find a spot where they're better to bat okay yeah fair enough and also one handicapping angle I kind of bring in from time to time is the week after a team plays a triple option team where they're always you know diving at the legs all week I kind of look to fade them so this might be an opportunity to kind of fade Memphis because they were having to deal with the chop blocks all week do you guys bring that into account at all a lot of things you can even breathe good girl sorry man I'm sorry that's my situationally when it comes to teams playing a very physical team who they have on deck next there's always there's always handicapping styles situation was one of my favorite things but yeah absolutely when you come off a big physical game you can look to fade a team the following week maybe they're just a little bit more banged up than they normally would have been yeah III agree with that big man do you have anything on that handicapping angle yeah I mean it's it's actually a pretty good point it's one you don't really think about a whole lot plus you're dealing with a whole different offense this week but I mean I'm not really I'm looking more or less at Memphis Lang points I mean one of the chat people are mentioning that I mean I'm not running to the window last year Memphis particularly early years struggle with big numbers remember that game against you all Monroe actually sister played Georgia State last year didn't even get played because of another hurricane so for whatever reason I'm more a fan of Memphis in conference as opposed to at a conference I think for whatever reason they're particularly overvalued this is a number drew again I would lay with a Paxton Lynch O'Reilly Ferguson not Brady wait sorry yeah he just hasn't shown us yet that he can that he can do it on this offense so I I'm with you well um yes so that does it for the weekday games guys at the chat box all Donnie in here what's up man um everybody else what's up let us know if you want us to hit on any any games in particular before we get to the Saturday games Kelly did want to thought you had a pretty big weekend yesterday was a fun time you're in Wisconsin right now you went to the Green Bay game last night right yeah you know it's just been a really busy couple of weeks and I was like you know what I've got 48 hours where something's feasible where maybe I can get out of town hops on a plane yesterday morning flew to Milwaukee drove to Green Bay it is everything people say it is and then some had the best time it was crazy because I put on Instagram and Twitter that I was there how many other people I knew that I ran into five or six other people there had a great time tailgating it's a lot of people haven't been there did I didn't realize it's in a neighborhood like we parked in somebody's yard and then walked two blocks to the game and the whole walk there you know it's me and a couple girlfriends and a couple of the guys were we're Bears fans and it was funny because they were so friendly to us girls and Packers garb that it was just like here here's this here's this here do you want some food do you guys want this and it was such a fun environment then you obviously get in there the Bears off to a crazy start and the place was kind of like whoa like everybody was kind of in shock I mean I I thought the Bears was the right play in that situation but to see them up 20 to nothing you know and then Aaron Rodgers goes out hearing rumblings on Twitter that was NCL ACL and every freaking out and then obviously he returned and was able to be the Aaron Rodgers we all know it love put on an exciting fourth quarter I shocked to have a voice today because I'll at one point timeless I was like oh no it's gone it was uh it was one of those places it was a definite bucket list Stadium to go to so you guys haven't been I highly recommend it oh great stuff yeah thanks for explaining that and in what's your Instagram your Instagram handle my Kelly mate same thing is Twitter I try to keep it simple just so it goes across all social media platforms yeah that's smart no good stuff so good follow on instagram and twitter as well Kelly in Vegas on what about the atmosphere in the stadium Kelly like can you compare it to other stadiums you've been to so I think it's not gonna be as loud like so I've been to Arrowhead obviously I'm from Kansas I've been to Mile High I've been to I mean the Chargers Stadium is a soccer stadium let's be honest so the atmosphere there's terrible I would say it's probably rivals mile-high as far as atmosphere and loudness goes not as a lot as Arrowhead obviously it's not as big as stadiums Arrowhead either but I really enjoyed it the pregame flyover with the Jets everybody was so drunk it was really funny I mean it's a late Sunday night people were drinking all day I kept trying to get the guy in front of me on video he was hilarious he had on cargo shorts like dad socks with sandals and a Green Bay Packers blazer but every time I tried to record him you turn around and talk to me and he was absolutely hilarious I mean there are just characters all over that Stadium and to go and you know to have beers of random people and have people like run into me and go meet up with them in the club level and something that was so fun I actually was barely in my seats at all because I was running around so just different areas saying hi to people and trying to just really enjoy Lambeau well it and what was the tailgate atmosphere like we're either able to get there before the game and tailgate or no two and a half hours before the game obviously with flight and then the two-hour drive from the airport took a little bit of time but it was great I mean I'm telling you there are these little tiny houses like maybe thousand square foot houses from the 40s and 50s all around the whole stadium and people just Park in each other's yards and then people have like garage parties like the people whose house we party got after the game we were walking these guys like hey come out beers with us they're like okay why not and the wife was like let me show you the inside of my house and inside of their living room was Green Bay Packers carpeting the bathroom is Green Bay Packers like the toilet paper holder in the bathroom was a goalpost like hilarious stop it I mean people there absolutely loved their team and I got a big kick out of it thanks for explaining that Kelly yeah you have give Kelly a follow on Instagram and Twitter at Kelly in Vegas we got people asking about certain games we're gonna get to those guys thanks for explaining that Kelly good stuff as far as uh Lambeau Field something I've never done bucket list like you say for sure so thanks for explaining that but um we do have one Saturday game to cover here we got UCF UNC a big game for UCF as far as playing a power five team kind of sucks as far as let you know UNC being down a little bit this year for UCF because they need as much I guess firepower from their schedule to get into the fourteen playoff if they're able to go undefeated they got some some other good games coming up - in the AAC is in my opinion underrated but either way the Knights playing 14 and a half on the road at UNC big man let's get you in here anything on the Knights versa UNC here yeah I think lighter fedoras plank is getting shorter and shorter I would expect when he goes Owen six to season cuz he will he'll be out the fucking door he should have been fired earlier the season he was three and nine last year they have all these suspensions look you can't lose the ECU by 21 points 22 points just pathetic stuff Fedora's on his way out I think he's a dead man walking and this is gonna be one of the nails in the coffin for him this is a tough football game you çf as we know dynamic they're very good against the number they've been good on the road over the last few years hypo comes in they haven't missed a beat either dropping 47 points a game I have a major concern right now with UNC you have very few players that are capable to start a football game right now you got players selling sneakers that to get by they're being suspended all sorts of bad things going on this is a bad football team and it's only gonna get worse I mean you look at your next four games where are the winds here I mean you know then you're getting into your ACC stuff so yeah in this game though I thought the number was a bit low I would probably put it a bit higher UCF are dynamic they're really good they're gonna go quick and UNC's really not showing me anything to say that they can stop anyone in this game I expect you have to do their normal forty to fifty points I think this is like a 5120 type of game something like that I'm laying the point if this was seventeen and a half I'd lay yeah I I don't disagree with you Kelly do you have anything on the night star heels yeah just to piggyback off what big man has said he's absolutely right I would have made this game seventeen and a half so I was kind of shocked to see it at 14 and a half you have the team with the nation's longest win streak 15 games UCF is five and one against the spread as a road favorite it's really hard to look at North Carolina like you mentioned Fedora is on the hot seat with those suspensions and then the loss to East Carolina like UCF here we have this team that put up 652 yards yes against UConn but that is some massive amounts of offense and I don't know if UNC is gonna have an answer and be able to stop that coach Fedora just one and four against the spread as a home dog another factor in this one again is the hurricane don't know if we're gonna see this game played it's supposed to hit Thursday is what the weather projections aren't obviously this game is at noon on Saturday but we haven't heard whether this games a new postponed or not but yeah I can't look at any other team in this one besides UCF yeah I agree with you and you know SPR has asked us to go over these three games for sure and then we can go off from there all it's funny all three might be affected by the hurricane and not played but I'm with you guys on this game I mean UCF's the only way I would look especially you know it's kind of stepping up to an ACC opponent they're going to look to kind of put put on the gas if they get up you know 20 20 points they're not gonna look to shut it down in the third and fourth quarter I could see him pouring it on here and it getting you know ugly so uh yeah it's UCF for me last year they feel like they got snubbed let's be honest they wanted to get approval point that they deserve to be there they didn't get to be there I know that some of those kids have now since went on and graduated but there's still kind of a grudge there so if you can put on you know big points against the media bunker ACC team or I wouldn't you know yeah and that's it yeah you're gonna want it no matter what no matter what the state of UNC football is like Kelley said there's two at ACC football team there's still a team that it's gonna be looked at as that and look for you and see to be a team at UCF you gotta be be able to win a shootout you might not be a great defensive team Elisha could put some points up I don't look at this team and see either he can't score points and he can't stop anyone I mean at what point is the North Carolina University football team gonna realize that to win in the NCAA you have to be able to stop the run I mean this team since I was in high school can't stop the run I mean I don't know and then you get Gene Chizik in there who actually makes a bit of a difference and you can him I don't I don't I don't get this team I don't understand anything they do Larry Fedora should should go coach you know some other you know you yet NC A&T or Hampton or something like that leave a UNC up to a professional someone that can actually coach Larry Fedora has all that talent wins one year right he had one year where he had mr.

Biscay and Elijah hood and those kind of guys then they drop off and the guy goes three and nine and he's probably to go and six to start the year and get fired so yeah he's a complete hack yeah what happened with him because it's Southern Miss he was really good big man howdy I was able to do that there ah well I mean that's that's good question I mean every dog has its day right I mean every trash can get to stake once in a while drew right um I don't know that's a good question break read factoid there drew but listen I mean never been coaches that have over achieved certain places you know you look at some of the times that he had town at UNC he was a pretty good coach but that's still at the end of the day they were poor defensively remember remember some of those bowl games are just getting shredded um I don't know he's just a guy where and you look a lot of the off the field stuff true you have to be able to handle that stuff when something bad happens you're always gonna look at who's leading the troops all that stuff is happening because Lera Fodor is unable and an app that watching his players off the field guys good stuff on these three games on we we have some big games as far as LSU Auburn a game that popped off the the board for me and I just thought of you big man was 117 118 Hawaii verse Army when I think of these two teams playing each other I don't know you came into my mind only weird but uh do you have any opinion with army lay in the six six and a half at home uh yeah I mean I think the number says it all I mean you look at how good or why he's played and they're an underdog here and you look at the travel I mean you you look at basically it's gonna be 6 a.

when these teams play Owyhee time I mean there's six hours difference you look at the current roster for Hawaii 55 players are either from Hawaii Samoa Australia or the Far East and that's a lot of players and I'm gonna guess have not been to the East Coast it's a long time difference and I know people say well big man um if they're from the Far East they gotta travel a ton as it is you're right but most of this team is made up of Hawaiians and Samoans I'm gonna go ahead and guess they pride and been to the East Coast it's a lot like a bowl game at I look at a bowl game true if I have kids every single one of them or 90% of them are from you know Boone North Carolina and they go out to the Bahamas or to Las Vegas or somewhere like that I'm gonna be inclined to think that they're prime not going to be as focused as generally normal army is a disciplined football program there's a polar opposite of what a why he's going to probably be in this game why at the end of the day generally struggles on the mainland army is a tough team to prepare for especially after you know a game you just had I know they still play Navy and they played pretty well but Army is a bit different they're a bit more rugged a little bit more hard-nosed they're obviously very disciplined I think this line says it all and you already see people coming in taking taking Hawaii here I think that's public money I think the smart people know armies pry the side here yeah yeah go ahead Kelly well I was as I agreed with big man the line is too short here first and foremost just first looking at this game I mean I wasn't prepared for it much but I started looking while he was talking I'm going wait a minute here's a Hawaii team that beat up pretty a pretty bad Colorado State team who you know looked good last week against Arkansas then as another you know double-digit dog beat Navy at home last week oh now they're in the big time favorite position and they couldn't get the cover and last week everybody's running to the window to bet Liberty I did a joke on video with John were at the Wes key I said I'm not betting Liberty I can't name their quarterback that is a problem I have not focused on a teenager Elmer and sure enough army got the cover no problem I think that's another line that came down and I was really surprised to see that people were betting Liberty I think I think big man's right I think that Army's the player yeah a lot of a lot of a lot of it points towards our me being the side for sure it is his name really Buckshot big man or is that his nickname was first named Steve Steven but they call him buckshot yeah I mean Kelly's totally right I think a lot of us kind of saw through Liberty I mean Liberty you finally in the FBS you get a gigantic win you beat Old Dominion by like 40 points I get to go on the road you got to go up to army West Point a tough place to play I think many people saw the writing on the one I see the writing on the wall here as well Hawaii at the end of the day as we know guys don't get many stops they're potent offense but this is a tough defense this is the toughest defense you're going to face probably until you get to the San Diego States or the the BYU so yeah this is this is gonna be I think a culture shock and I mean I'd love to talk to a football player you go from playing basically every game six hours earlier that's that's difficult yeah I think we saw a lot of trouble with Michigan State something that I didn't think would be as big of a factor but yeah when your body clock says it's one time I mean we saw the same thing with Arizona with the 9:00 a.


Pacific kick in Houston they just weren't ready to play a game that early in the pac-12 they play a lot later games and when you are not trained to be up at five o'clock in the morning your body clock says hey I'm not ready to be here yet drew I almost exclusively and Kelly will probably agree here I almost exclusively look towards these spots even you know even in the NFL it for a long time was was something you wanted to kind of fade when a team goes to the East Coast I actually found statistical data though in the NFL that it's not a biggest thing as people think but for college it's a lot different you're dealing from eighteen to twenty-two years old a lot of these kids haven't been out of you necessarily that they're there's their hometown they're they're going to the big city to go to college for probably the first time so yeah this is a tough tough thing and it's not three or four hours this is six hours earlier so yeah for me I totally agree with Kelly I think that's a big thing you got to look at these are ones you definitely look to fate in Hawaii is a public darling right now people like Hawaii and they're gonna say oh wow they didn't cover last week but I mean they're getting points again I gotta take away not so fast and it's a noon kick exact right that's we excited it's 6:00 a.


oh my god I'm buried the fam yeah that is really tough I didn't realize I think about do you think about you I mean yeah you most people go to work at 9:00 a.


that basically means you got to wake up at 3:00 a.


and go to work but most fee data you got to sleep at some point you we're not all super humid and these are college players these aren't like the the 300 or 400 best players in the world like in the NFL or other professionally these are kids and they're Hawaii they're not Alabama or USC this is Hawaii for god sakes let's pump the brakes why he's not played anybody this isn't some big-time Bowl team this is a problem and I think it's going to affect the Hawaii guys I I really like what you had to say there as far as hey I was thinking about being on Hawaii until further notice just them being underrated but I'm with you I think that this is just too much pointing towards army we got some people in the chat box in New Mexico State bet against until further notice every week from Russell we got on Jason Sharpe asking about Arkansas State game Kelly do you have anything on Arkansas state obviously losing you know thirty six and a half points to Alabama they got blown out that that bet was wrong I was on that and lost on would you look to come back on them against Tulsa here I mean I think that it's right around to pick them do you have any opinion at all as far as a bet on or fade opportunity yeah right now I think there are two point favorite um this is a spot where I could maybe see that a little bit of bounce back after getting embarrassed by Alabama I mean I was when you and I shot the videos last week I greeted you I said listen one at eleven against the spread Nick Saban doesn't care about ninth are five schools in week two and apparently now he does cuz they sure put on a clinic last week it just was one of those games it was over at half-time and I said you know what all right I'm gonna chalk this up a lot as a loss and see if we can move along to the next game but I think this is probably gonna be a balance back slot from Arkansas State I do believe they are one of the best teams in the Sun Belt right behind off state and this is a spot where people are gonna be down on them after seeing what happened to them last week Tulsa you know hung in there with Texas last week to do so that's what the perception is gonna be that maybe they're a little bit better than people gave them credit for yeah big man Kelly brings up Tulsa being you know hanging in there I don't know much about Tulsa do you have anything on them yeah Tulsa's the team that I was a bet against for me all all dear as kind of I started season because you look at teams that lose a lot of talent I don't know if maybe this is surprising to a lot of people but generally they're not as good the next year when they lose all those players Colson loses Keenan Evans DeAngelo Brewer you didn't have a significantly good quarterback last year they're still going between Luke skipper and and this other quarterback Keenan Johnson they haven't really had any consistency at that position defense he's always been an issue for them they actually played pretty well lace Wiggins Texas I think we're still all up in the air on what Texas actually is after week one this is two straight weeks where they haven't looked ically good but yeah I'm not loving toll so obviously Arkansas State we know they're a good football team and that's just kind of goes to show how good Arizona or Alabama is I'm leaning towards arc State but again um you know I I got a feeling this could be an interesting game make it come down to the wire but yeah I'm gonna look towards the better team I think Tulsa just lost too much to really compete at least even with g5 higher and g5 teams I think I think our star state's the prior the play but I'd like to see a little bit more moving with that one see where we're going with it okay in big man we have savage Larry in here nice name Larry uh LSU verse all burn he's asking about you do you have any early opinion on this SEC West matchup oh nine and a half I know yeah I you know first glance at this one I I wanted to say you know what I'm gonna grab the points I thought Ellis you really showed me something in week one I thought that was impressive performance that they had against Miami I think we saw there a little bit more than just you know a high-end defensive team that has struggles with the quarterback position they played pretty well and you know I was obviously a little bit more down in Auburn they're not than other people were both these teams surprised me early on you know kind of my first thoughts are maybe it's a bit too many points um I'm not a huge fan of betting on the nha cai so vip I just I don't know they're I don't find it's not a value in it under obviously kind of sticks out as well it depends on really where we get this number which we'll see later today but you know drew I prefer to just kind of do that an ed or drawn impressions not not really bet on them so I'll just stick to the impression and leave this game to other people well can you just give us a real quick one and maybe set up Kelly on a tee for the analysis yeah well uh yeah you don't Kelly uh we got our open this weekend down there uh down sscc country we're excited about this game we got a new quarterback we got a new D we got these fans we we thought we wouldn't know where we're going this season but you know without all but what are your thoughts do we have a chance in this game oh my god great and if you guys haven't seen the YouTube where they take an order on well they're filming the TV where Edward Ron is talking and they have the subtitles and the TV has no idea what he's saying so like my thoughts on this one I ended up on LSU late that Sunday night against Miami cuz I laughed and I said this once where do I go the whole world is on Miami that means I gotta be on LSU and it was literally no sweat for the most part I didn't like how they kind of took their foot off the gas there in the second half I kind of bothered me a little bit but maybe that was just some regression on there and Auburn on the other hand I was not that high and to start the season I wanted to play Washington plus two and a half I went down to the West Gate to Bennett and I look at the board and it says one of the half and I'm like okay maybe I don't want any part of this one obviously Auburn got the cover there and then last week they gonna play a sweet cupcake school a sixty one point favorites they absolutely blow them out did not cover of course cuz one who cares not covering 61 points um this one's interesting I think the line should be closer to seven and nine and so if it sticks around there I'll probably be on the tiger claw LSU Tigers by kick and and hope that they can keep this rally going I think the whole problem is that everybody was so low on LSU to start the season I definitely think they're probably the second or third best team out of the West I I don't know why everybody was so low I understand they had you know four quarterbacks at one point I'm competing for for the first position I thought Joe pearls proved himself and he was capable again I didn't watch the game last week against Southeast Louisiana but I don't think I missed too much no likely not I agree with your analysis big man I'm kind of looking towards the under it will be interesting what this number comes out at I could see both teams kind of playing close to the chest the defensive football planet and forth like the SEC does a lot when they played you I would say I'd be generally drew you know I'm pretty uh pretty much a savant to creating numbers so I would say 48 and a half that generally what they put these numbers out at in this conference um you know if we get that I would try go under I think this is kind of a lot like that Washington Auburn game I mean just you know like you should Ponce you know field position that sort of thing um but yeah I mean it's it's not a game you know a lot of people love these kind of games I can't say I do I'm more inclined to look towards other matchups but um true I got a I got a bet on him fade team if for anyone interested not I hate to do this but I'm gonna I'm gonna go at Kelly squat a little bit here I hate to do this but I got to UM bet against I I gotta tell you I've really not been at all impressed or not even close impressed with this Kansas State team I mean this team looks atrocious I'm they have no quarterback I mean for whatever reason bill Schneider thought it'd be a good idea to go with two different quarterbacks that never works I'm not sure where he thought it would never work uh no it's a stupid idea it never works he got absolutely destroyed by Mississippi State I mean they put up almost six hundred yards you barely beat the South Dakota coyotes um look this team has really not looked the same since Dana demel left I mean he goes to UTEP you've had real trouble moving the football listen I've been Kelly I just let me explain before you jump down my throat I've often thought Bill Schneider is somewhat overrated to me I'm sorry he's won twice the big 12 in like 30 years he's a brutal Bowl coach I think at this point when he moves on you got to wonder how this team's gonna stay afloat because I mean we've already seen one without him retired the first time and we had the wrong prince project in Manhattan Kansas we saw exactly what happens to Kansas a football right absolutely goes back to how it was in the early 90s late 80s before Bill Snyder was there it's gonna be terrible I have to agree with you a lot the center hasn't won any big games for the most part there here and there that he tends to overachieve I didn't he's a great coach I think he's a great players coach I think he has a great football mind the problem is that he has the same on line since 1993 he refuses to change he refuses to adapt to you if you refuses to move forward I'm very happy game the demos gone and getting actually crushed weekend and week out at UTEP I know a couple of his assistant coaches went to college with some really great guys and I wish them the best I think Andre Coleman was the right move for Casey as offensive coordinator but as we know those things take time it's his first time as an offensive coordinator just cuz he was a stud wide receiver at Kansas State in the 90s does not mean he needs to be an offensive coordinator but I'm Way more concerned with that defense I think Casey is really missing DJ read this year and there's really no answer at this point in time to who's gonna step up and be a leadership on the defensive side of the ball I mean Dalton Reisner is gonna be an NFL player and you know nine months or so and he's about the most talented person on the field the the two quarterback system as you mentioned has never worked we saw it not work with Watters and Sam's a handful years ago and here we are trying it again I mean just because it worked in the bowl game against UCLA does not mean it's gonna work over the course of a season yeah I'll tell you this time real quick I mean I'm not seeing a team in recent memory especially in the big 12 just they have no success with quarterbacks I mean the latest quarterback that was good there was I know a guy you remember Colin Klein now there's the last quarterback they had there there was any good it seems like we Jesse earch was a mess but all these different quarterbacks average it's just never work and the defense has had issues as well over the last few years but if they'd be a team I'm looking to continue to fade because even if you go to one quarterback I mean you completed nine passes and that game against Mississippi State not good enough a real quick Arizona State I know people love this team right now I gotta tell you I'm drinking the Herm Edwards kool-aid a little bit I love her med words I told you drew this was a good hire it's all about hires in college football he is a good hire there's no person I'd want more coaching my son if I was in a school like that I want her med words he's a motivator he's a master motivator and you look at this team this defensive line is stout this offenses fun to watch they have the best receiver in the country they put up 380 passing yards on Michigan State Michigan State's a top-10 pass defense that's impressive work you got our San Diego State coming in here a team that beat them last year you have to expect that has their attention I'm looking forward to seeing what we can see out of this Arizona State team especially in a pac-12 that is there for the taking I don't Washington's good but I think they're beatable Stanford USC they're all somewhat down or can't Arizona state make a run I gotta agree with you always on this date go ahead no I wasn't absolutely agree um I was looking to bat Michigan State last weekend I did not pull the trigger cause it's like oh hi on a a really bad UTSA team speaking of who Kansas State plays this week we'll see how well that they can keep it together but you know I was impressed with how well Arizona State played last week and I think they're a baton until further notice I'm with you in as far as the higher goes um a lot of people were pointing at the fact you know he's too old things like that and I I I'm I kind of held back on jumping up that it was a bad hire I didn't really say either way but I always go back to when I was 18 or 19 years old I don't know how y'all felt but I related the same with the 60 something-year-old guy as I did with a 40 year old something guy I don't think it really matters at that point did Kelly or big man do you guys agree with that well you know it's tough for me because I didn't get him playing collegiate sports obviously I was there's you know some limitations being five three and hundred ten pounds but uh sure I was friends with a ton of guys in high school and they got recruited and you look for the guys that either tell you what you want to hear tell you're gonna play or you can relate to and I think her mad words is such a great players coach such a great guy he's such a great motivator that players love him and if you're you have the ability to do that these kids will you will get the most from your athletes big man do you have anything on like relating to 40 year olds or 6 year olds more does it matter um you know I've always been someone that I try to relate to everyone I mean I prefer older people though I mean the generation I'm in I don't I don't relate a whole lot to frankly I think you have something there as far as relating that to her though I mean Herm Edwards is a pretty hip guy seems kind of with it he seems to understand that the cultures below him you know that's what a coach is it's not about this Rob Roth shit on the field it's how do you extend off the field you teach these kids about what it's like to be a man and send them into their future knowing that they're gonna be a contributor to society it's not how many fucking games you win or how many athletes you pay to go to your school I mean that's where the true coach is and that's why I've always respected guys like you know Ken the amout to Lolo mark few I've said mark fused the best coach in college basketball many times and I stick by that what he's done for the program and you look at even a bill Schneider a Steve Fisher I know Steve Fisher had his issues at Michigan when he came to San Diego State that was a nobody of university no one wanted to go there nobody cared about sports they're they've transformed themselves as a unit into one of the best programs in the West Coast coaches like even Bill Snyder when he came to k-state Kelly knows they were nobodies as well they were terrible that's what a coach is coach isn't some guy that that sweeps everything under the carpet and says as long as we win football games that's not a coach that's a babysitter and that's someone that just is in it for the money these are real coaches that care and that's why I like her matters that's why I think he'll do well and iris well said big man in and I'll tell you watching the game against Michigan State when they were coming out on the field and the cameras were real close to him he was like leave it on the grass man leave it on the grass and he was like getting all pumped up yeah I loved actually you know I was just hanging out watching the game and I was like wow I really am glad I did not bet on Michigan State her mad words right then and there is making me absolutely I felt the same way I was like ah man give me some shoulder pads I'm gonna run through a wall for this guy I think I think we're onto something with bettin on him we have Finland in the live chat saying uh do you guys have this show on a daily basis Finland this is the the football betting our for everybody out there so at four o'clock Eastern 1 o'clock Pacific will be having a betting talk on college football NFL or both Monday through Friday in the college specific one is the student section that's today and Thursday today's is the normal show with Kelly and big man our Thursday show it will happen 1 o'clock Pacific or Eastern every Thursday as well it's in a little bit of flux with a situation that happened last week but I think we'll have it all figured out by this Thursday and good betting talk on Thursday so on yeah we're running up a little bit over um that then we're supposed to but I guess we can close it out here with Kelly and big man any last thoughts and also a game you know you don't have to be locked in but one that you kind of are looking to bet and might wait for a better number going forward um Kelly do you want to start us off with guys I liked it I usually don't bat games until Wednesday myself I know everybody says the short prize run to the window and they bet their games Monday Tuesday's I like to hang back a little bit get make sure I have enough research done make sure and if I do miss a number that I just end end up staying off of a game but this is one that I think will be ok to wait on Oklahoma at Iowa State we saw Oklahoma well they didn't get the cover but they still absolutely beat the hell out of UCLA last week which was great because I ended up taking UCLA at the last minute getting 30 and I had to sweat it a little bit there but for the most part the - Oklahoma is real I mean we've seen Kyler Murray absolutely proved himself and then here's this Iowa State team that I thought could get the cover against Iowa last week I didn't touch the game I thought the number was about right I mean it was six to three for a better part of it late touchdown by Iowa and that was it it was really boring yes I should have been had the under circled because I couldn't even barely watch the game that being said we've talked about before how much I love betting on Iowa State getting points in Ames Manhattan Kansas used to be the place it's not so much anymore Matt Campbell has a Cyclones team ready and guess what what is gonna be big circled for every single person whining about this game Oh Oklahoma's revenge spot this is what they've been waiting for this is the team that upset them and Baker Mayfield as I think 34-point dogs last year in Norman and I'm gonna be on the Cyclones in this one I think the line is way too high about three and a half maybe four points I think it should be about two touchdowns eighteen and a half is entirely too many but I don't think we're gonna see too much money come in and Iowa State after the performance last weekend but I think maybe this is a spot where you can even bet it as late as Friday night Saturday morning and get a little bit extra value because the whole world is probably gonna be on Oklahoma okay so leaning towards Iowa State and a couple people ask it yes Kelly's the mainstay on Mondays and you can follow her on Instagram at Kelly in Vegas as well as Twitter so big man what about youth when we close this out anything on your mind as far as games were looking at yeah you know drew you know I'm always looking towards added games especially arrow in the season F yes FBS I'm looking towards teams that no one's interested in I my eye on Eastern Washington Washington State I think you're gonna get a decent amount of points here with the Eagles and I'm looking to grab them here or anyone that doesn't know Eastern Washington is one of the best FCS teams in the country they went to four straight college football playoffs last year they didn't make it they bring back one of the best quarterbacks in the FCS a top two offense one of the best defenses as well and Washington State for whatever reason every season generally has their eye off the ball against teams like Easter washed and a few years ago Portland State went and beat them as 28 point favorites this team is ripe sometimes for upsets they've kind of been cruising they beat Wyoming and San Jose State now you're getting a real offense in here that can move the football this is a game that Washington or Eastern Washington is probably circled Gabe Chu brood is one of the best quarterbacks in the country in the FCS if I'm getting a decent healthy amount of points I'm looking towards the team from the red field I'm gonna be on the eastern Washington I'm also gonna have my eye on Northern Iowa this week against Iowa that is always a game more than I would have very good football team in the FCS as well both those teams I have my eye on I my on a lot of different ones in the FBS as well but I want to see what I get from Eastern wash it from a point perspective great stuff guys Kelly and big man both bringing it all through one another one out there one five for LSU Auburn we talked about it a little bit these two teams especially when both defenses are good which they both look to be to this point in the season have played some real defensive battles so I would look for this we played close to the vest and big man throughout a number of 48 and a half I believe I would take the under on that but we'll go on record with whatever bet on lines opener is which they haven't come out it should be within the next hour but guys anything else you want to throw out or we shut this down as always yes all right having us well have us have a safe trip back Kelly and big man thanks for the time great analysis thank you to everybody out there we'll be back next Monday 1:00 o'clock Pacific for Eastern and we'll see you on Thursday for the next student section thanks for watching thank you.

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