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Bio Statement Understanding of Scientific Journal Articles Understanding of Scientific Journal Articles What Are Scientific Journal Articles? According from Zambrut International Journal Publishing, Articles Scientific journals are the only writings designed for self-financing research, in which the article writing system is without using a numerical or alphabetical system. Understanding of Scientific Journal Articles According to Zambrut Scientific Journals are one type of academic journals in which the authors publish scientific articles which usually contribute to the theory or scientific achievement. To ensure the scientific quality of the articles published, an ordinary article is scrutinized by colleagues and revised by the author. This is known as peer review (a review by more powerful people). Definition of Scientific Journal According to another version, a journal is a periodical in the form of a magazine containing scientific material that is published for people with special interests. Initially journals were in the form of books, but as information technology evolved, journals are now published in electronic form, or better known as e-Journal. In general, journals are usually published 2-3 times a year. Published regularly with a frequency of at least twice a year, except scientific magazines with specialized scientific coverage with a frequency of once a year. Recommendation for Free Submission Paper into Journal, Every time there is at least 300 copies published, except for scientific magazines that publish electronic e-journals and scientific magazines that apply online (online) with the same requirements as printed scientific magazines. Load the main article each time publishing at least five. Besides being able to be added with short communication articles that are limited to at most three pieces. Online Submission International Journals are the arena of intellectual discourse through writing. Science development can be done with research findings, criticism of research findings, consensus building and new findings. And the process continues. That's how science develops and journals play a very important role as a means. Characteristics of Scientific Journals Generally scientific journals have aspects of scientific development, not ordinary scientific articles. The selection also tends to be very strict, especially for international journals. Journals have a wide range of material but are very dense, only 6-8 pages, but each sentence is of scientific value. Journals are very effective, and do not contain figures or tables. For mathematical journals, there are generally many basic formula theories that are not written down, so that only people in the same field can understand the contents of these scientific journals. Administrative Requirements for Scientific Journals Scientific journals must fulfill the following administrative requirements: Has an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN). Have a bestari partner of at least four people. Benefits of scientific journals Here are some of the benefits of scientific journals: As a means of developing science As a public policy database Public policy requires academic texts as its foundation. Journals can act as a scientific basis for public policy. Without scientific basis, public policy can be said to be made arbitrarily. Several other benefits can be mentioned both qualitatively and quantitatively. Quantitatively, for example, the number of scientific journal publications is used as a benchmark for the progress of an institution or institution such as, a country, a study center, a university, and so on. The Purpose of Scientific Journal Writing Limited production or publishing of scientific journals underlies government policy. Because of the limited amount of production, it is expected that the target readers are scientists in the right field of science, so that it will be able to be continued by the successor of the research. This is also to prevent the same journal title or duplication of scientific journals. Other benefits are also so that similar research can work together and become a reference, because science and technology will develop very rapidly. Scientists are expected to work well together. If scientists work well together, other than that scientific journals are an effort to correct science and technology. Writing Scientific Journal Articles Writing a scientific journal is not a very easy job, but it's also not as complicated as making a rocket. The key is often to practice journal writing. If you already have articles that are suitable for journal entry, please follow the tips below: Observing the contents of a journal, to adhere to whether our article is appropriate Download / create the journal template, Write articles that fit the style of the journal. Tips for Passing Scientific Journal Articles Not all scientific journal articles that students write will be included in scientific publications on a regular basis. There are rules that are a requirement for whether or not to pass a scientific journal article. These rules include: The scope of science that is being discussed in scientific journals, Typing guide, which includes a journal layout and typhography. And last but not least is quality, which is the core of the evaluation of a journal article science. Thus the understanding of scientific journal articles, may be useful for you all.