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Vacationing with a cruise will certainly give you a different experience. Especially for travelers who are first time trying it.

Half of all cruise ships are booked during this three month period. However, according to Travel Leaders Network notes, the flood of information about booking a cruise will be a headache for those who will first try cruise tours.

It is recommended that cruise ship cruisers first determine vacation priorities before ordering a boat ticket. Is your priority a family-friendly vacation, culinary trip or cruise to certain locations?

From these priorities you can choose which ship is suitable. The following are some tips on how to choose the right cruise


Cruise ship

A cruise ship is like a floating city with many choices of places to eat, activities and the best entertainment for families and children. Cruise ships generally using patio furniture cushions to travel to the Caribbean and Alaska.

There are also cruises that sail on small rivers and travel close to the city center and other cities. The attraction of the ship is in cuisine, history, and culture. Usually, river cruises offer a more intimate experience. This experience is more popular in Europe.

Epicurean cruise ship

Like airlines, a number of cruise ships regularly use

celebrity chefs to bring strength to their gastronomic experiences.

Top American chefs like Thomas Keller and Seabourn, Jamie Oliver riding the Anthem of Sea. Whereas Guy Fieri was with Carnival Cruise.

Expedition cruises

Bolder travelers might want to see expedition cruise ship bookings that travel to remote destinations. They have activities such as deep sea snorkeling, diving, and tours on land.

Expedition cruises are often equipped with rubber boats called the Zodiac. Zodiac can take guests to the sea or land for a tourist adventure.

Family-friendly cruise ship

Going with kids and the elderly? Look for cruises that offer a mixture of fun and educational activities. Today, cruises have everything from water slides, bungee jumping, cinemas, lounges for teenagers, to art and cooking classes.. Just make sure the cruise-ship are safety for them. Is that cruise-ship using a good installation electricity? have a good insulation likes factory insulation?? do they have a lifeboat, life vest, etc?.