Visual Ethnograpy Fashion Aesthetic Review at Jakarta Hijabers Community

Ratih Purnamasari


Hijab as the religious fashion symbol was born and developed in Indonesia as a visual artefact which represents one of abedient values of a female muslim towards Islam regulations. In its historical journey, hijab has experienced many ‘cultural dialogues’ in a very long period of time that leads it to be one form of a nation culture. Jakarta Hijabers Community as one of Islamic Communities participates in taking roles to make hijab as visual culture at once as the resuscitation for its members about the aesthetic value in daily life. This research digs deeper about the meaning change occuring in hijab fashion development from visual aspect through Jakarta Hijabers Community. Data collection was done through interview completed with questionnaires data. The analysis was by using domain analysis, taxonomy, and component. The result of the research showed the existence of some factors that trigger the emergence of aesthetics value at hijab as Muslim fashion and national mission towards the usage of hijab in order to be accepted positively by the society.


Fashion aesthetics, Modern hijab, Visual etnography, Jakarta hijabers community

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