Segmentasi Citra Pembuluh Darah Retina Menggunakan Operasi Morfologi Iteratif

Vita Nurdinawati(1), Atika Hendryani(2), Thareq Barasabha(3),

(1) Department of Electromedical Engineering Poltekkes Kemenkes Jakarta II
(2) Department of Electromedical Engineering Poltekkes Kemenkes Jakarta II
(3) Medical Faculty Brawijaya University


Retinal vessel segmentation is part of the morphological extraction of retinal blood vessels that plays an essential role in medical image processing. Manual segmentation is possible to do, but it is time-consuming and requires special operators. Moreover, the possibility of variability between operators is vast. This study aims to answer the shortcomings of the manual segmentation process by automatically segmenting retinal blood vessels. The main contribution of this study is the use of a simple method to iteratively segment retinal blood vessels.  All processes in the segmentation are simulated using Matlab. The algorithm was evaluated by comparing the results of the automatic segmentation with 20 manually segmented images from the STARE dataset. The result show specificity 98.13%, accuracy 93.60%, sensitivity 56.42%, precision 80.48%, and the dice coefficient 64.06%. In conclusion, the automatic retinal blood vessel image segmentation process worked well.


retinal segmentation; medical image processing; iteration process

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