Use of K-Means Clustering and Analytical Methods Hierarchy Process in Determining the Type of MSME Financing in Semarang City

Irahayu Sukmadewanti, Riza Arifudin, Endang Sugiharti


The Indonesian government launched an entrepreneurial program to encourage economic growth, one of which is MSME(micro, small and medium enterprises). The constraints commonly faced by MSME are limited enterprises capital. The government has also tried to provide assistance financing for MSMEs in the form of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), KUR (Credit People's Enterprises) and KTA (Unsecured Credit). For this type of financing or credit determined based on the type of enterprises accompanied by criteria including number of assets, turnover annually, number of employees, current enterprises period and net income. Based on background behind this research aims to help provide recommendations on types MSME capital financing based on assets, turnover, number of employees, enterprises period and net income of a MSME. This research uses data from MSME in the Semarang City, which has been registered with the Semarang City Cooperatives and MSME Office. K-Means Clustering Method is used to cluster net profit criteria. Then the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method is used to search recommendations on the types of MSME financing based on each weighted criteria. The results of this application are recommendations for types of capital financing MSME is based on assets, turnover, number of employees, enterprises period and every net profit of MSME. For testing of the system being built, it is carried out by means of a blackbox test. From the test results obtained show that the actual results are appropriate with the expected results so that the functional system is running well. Suggestions from this research, it is necessary to develop further systems regarding grouping data to be more specific.

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