Compression and Decompression of Audio Files Using the Arithmetic Coding Method

Parasian D. P Silitonga, Irene Sri Morina


Audio file size is relatively larger when compared to files with text format. Large files can cause various obstacles in the form of large space requirements for storage and a long enough time in the shipping process. File compression is one solution that can be done to overcome the problem of large file sizes. Arithmetic coding is one algorithm that can be used to compress audio files. The arithmetic coding algorithm encodes the audio file and changes one row of input symbols with a floating point number and obtains the output of the encoding in the form of a number of values greater than 0 and smaller than 1. The process of compression and decompression of audio files in this study is done against several wave files. Wave files are standard audio file formats developed by Microsoft and IBM that are stored using PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) coding. The wave file compression ratio obtained in this study was 16.12 percent with an average compression process time of 45.89 seconds, while the average decompression time was 0.32 seconds.


Audio File, Wave File, Compression and Decompression, Arithmetic Coding.

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