Boyer-Moore String Matching Algorithm and SHA512 Implementation for Jpeg/exif File Fingerprint Compilation in DSA

Rachmad Fitriyanto, Anton Yudhana, Sunardi Sunardi


Data integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation are security parameters that provided by Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA). Hash value is important element inside DSA to identify information data integrity using hash function to generate message digest. Jpeg/exif is image file format that produce by digital camera as in smartphone. Hardware technology development made image file have higher resolution than before. This condition made image file fingerprinting need more time to compile jpeg/exif fingerprint. This research purpose is to develop fingerprinting process for jpeg/exif file using Boyer-Moore string matching algorithm and SHA512. Research conducted in four stages. First stage is jpeg/exif file structure identification, second stage is segment content acquisition and hashing, third stage is image file modification experiments and last stage is jpeg/exif file fingerprint compilation. Obtained result shown that jpeg/exif file fingerprint comprises of three hash value from SOI segment, APP1 segment and SOF0 segment. The jpeg/exif file fingerprint can use to detect six types image modification there are image resizing, text addition, metadata modification, image resizing, image cropping and file file type conversion.


Boyer-Moore; SHA512; Jpeg/exif; Digital Signature Algorithm; Fingerprint

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