Automatic Detection of Motorcycle on the Road using Digital Image Processing

sutikno sutikno, Helmie Arif Wibawa, Ragil Saputra


Traffic accident is one of the causes of death in the world. One of them is traffic accidents on motorcyclist not wearing helmets. To overcome this problem, several researchers have developed detection system of motorcyclist not wear helmet. This system consists of motorcycle detection and motorcyclist head detection. On motorcycle detection, accuracy still needs to be improved. For this reason, this paper proposed motorcycle detection by adding image improvement processes that are enhancing contrast and adding object positioning features.The techniques proposed in this study are divided into 3 stages of image enhancement, feature extraction, and classification. The image enhancement stage consists of enhance contrast, convert RGB image to gray scale, background subtraction, convert gray scale image to binary, closing operation, and small object removal. The features used in this paper are the features of the object area, the circumference of the object, and the location of the object, while the method for classification process using back-propagation neural network and SVM. The proposed method resulted in an accuracy of 96.97%. Error occurs in all image test data not motorcycle objects detected as motorcycle objects. This error is caused because the pixel value between the objects in the image with the background color has a level of difference is too small, so it is detected as an object not a motorcycle.

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