Expert System Diagnosis of Urinary System Diseases using Forward Chaining and Dempster Shafer

Jevita Dwi Fitriana, Budi Prasetiyo, Riza Arifudin


Expert system is a computer system that can adopt human knowledge into a computer. Expert system can be used to solve problems commonly performed by experts, one of them is the diagnosis of urinary system diseases. Expert system for the diagnosis of the urinary system disease especially for the inflammation of the bladder and these pyelonephritis using the forward chaining and the dempster shafer method. Forward chaining is used to diagnose disease based on the rules and the dempster shafer is used to determine the value of confidence. The goal is to build an expert system using forward chaining and dempster shafer methods to diagnose early urinary system diseases and to determine the level of accuracy. The data used is the secondary data obtained from the UCI Machine Learning Repository as much as 120 data and 6 attributes. The result of the implementation of the forward chaining and the dempster shafer methods on this expert system of diagnosis of urinary system diseases generates an accuracy value of 87.5%.

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