Software Defined Networks: a Comparative Study and Quality of Services Evaluation

Herry Prasetyo Nugroho, Muhammad Irfan, Amrul Faruq


Software-Defined Network (SDN) as architecture network that separates the control and forwarding functions, so that network operators and administrators can configure the networks in a simple and centrally between thousands of devices. This study is designed and evaluate the Quality of Services (QoS) performances between the two networks employed SDN-based architecture and without SDN-based. MinNet as a software emulator used as a data plane in the network Software Define Network. In this study, comparison of the value of the QoS on the network based on Software Defined Network and traditional network during the test run from the source node is investigated. Network testing by using traffic loads. Traffic loads are used starting from 20Mbps-100Mbps. The result is verified that the QoS analysis of the Software-Defined Network architecture performed better than conventional network architectures. The value of the latency delay on the Software Define Network range between 0,019-0,084ms, and with 0% packet loss when addressed the network traffics of 10-100Mbps.


Software Defined Networks, Floodlight, MiniNet, Computer Networks, Quality of Services

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