Vol 7 No 3 (2018): November 2018
November 2018


Niken Lady Junita, Agung Yulianto
The Determinants Affecting Environmental Disclosure in the High Profile Companies in Indonesia
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Catur Sari Maqfiroh, Kusmuriyanto Kusmuriyanto
The Influence of Book Tax Differences, Operating Cash Flow, Leverage, and Firm Size towards Earnings Persistence
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Nining - Apriliyana, Trisni Suryarini
The Effect Of Corporate Governance and the Quality of CSR to Tax Avoidation
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Dimas Dwi Oktavianto, Dhini Suryandari
The Factors Affecting the Audit Quality with the Understanding on Information Systems as the Moderating Variable
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Yuthika Rani Putri, Badingatus Solikhah
Organizational Commitment, Information Asymmetry, and the Nature of Conscientiousness as Moderating the Relationship of Budget Participation to Budgetary Slack
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Fajar Sulistiyanto, Henny Murtini
Determinants of Internal Auditor Performance through Knowledge Management with Organizational Culture as Moderating
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UMI UMBARWATI, Fachrurrozie Fachrurrozie
Profitability as the Moderator of the Effects of Dividend Policy, Firm Size, and Asset Structure on Debt Policy
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Fita Kartika Buana, muhammad khafid
The Effect of Asset Structure and Business Risk on Capital Structure with Profitability as the Moderating Variable
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Nia Ferliana, Linda Agustina
Profitability Moderates the Effect of Company Growth, Business Risk, Company Size, and Managerial Ownership on Capital Structure
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Putri Nur Rahmawati, Indah Anisykurlillah
Factors that Influence the Use of Accounting Information in MSME in Magelang District
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