Focus and Scope

Economic Development Analysis Journal is a scientific journal who published by Department of Economic Development, Faculty of Economics, Universitas Negeri Semarang, Indonesia. this journal published four times per year on February, May, August, and November and start publishing since 2012.

The journal scope is related to the research in developing countries such as a development studies, poverty adequate, inequality, unemployment studies, behavioural economics, human development problems and many other issues. Economics Development Analysis Journal also publish an articles related to the branch of development studies, such as, industry economics, international trade, bank and financial institutions, agriculture economics, financial studies, digital economics, small and medium enterprises, tourism economics and many others. It also published the study of development policy such as monetary economics, public economics, macro economics, micro economics, and economics policy. Therefore, this journal also received an articles related to spatial studies such as Urban, Regional, Development planning and Rural economics. Base on the scope, Economics Development Analysis Journal welcome a multidicipline articles who related to the economics and development studies.

This journal focuses on the economics research by cross section, time series and panel analysis. However, this journal also receive an articles who conducted by qualitative and quantitative analysis. There are so many problems related to the economics study in emerging countries. Therefore, Economics Development Analysis Journal only publishes original research of economic development, problems and policies in Indonesia and overseas. Economics Development Analysis Journal aims to publish a scientific articles from a researchers around the globe.