Unemployement and Poverty Determinants in Central Java

  • Medha Wardhany Badan Pusat Statistika, Jawa Tengah


This study aims to obtain information and results that can be run in programs of poverty alleviation and unemployment in a more effective and efficient in accordance with the expectations of all parties including the people who are still categorized as marginal. This study uses primary data sources derived from secondary data from Susenas and Sakernas for Macro and other related data such as Supas data, and SP 2010, ST2013 and PBDT 2015 for micro data and PODES data for regional support data. The method of analysis in this research is descriptive and explorative analysis of various data and information available. In addition, there will also be some statistical model calculations relevant to this study. The results of the study indicate that the main drivers of poverty reduction are economic factors, including accessibility, for those who do not work to work or those who are already working or trying to earn adequate income, other factors are demography, social, education and skills and environment. Based on the simulation of inflation data also greatly affect the poverty rate, including for some basic commodities such as rice, when inflation is enough large then the poverty rate will tend to increase.


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Wardhany, M. (2018). Unemployement and Poverty Determinants in Central Java. Economics Development Analysis Journal, 6(3), 352-365. https://doi.org/10.15294/edaj.v6i3.22284