Economic Education Analysis Journal [P-ISSN 2252-6544 | E-ISSN 2502-356X | DOI 10.15294/eeaj]  is a scientific periodical published by the Department of Economics Education, Faculty of Economics, Universitas Negeri Semarang. This journal publishes original research and conceptual analysis of economic, accounting, cooperative and office administration education. 

Vol 10 No 2 (2021): Economics Education Analysis Journal

Published: 2021-05-31

Academic Procrastination with Self-Control as Moderator

Ratieh Widhiastuti, Salsabila Kanaka


Strategy Analysis of Batik MSME Development

Siska Anggraeni, Ninik Srijani, Ramadhan Prasetya Wibawa


Analysis of Accounting Information Systems and Operational Budgets as An Internal Control Tool for Lending

Septiana Wahyu Pinnaringtyas, Isharijadi Isharijadi, Liana Vivin Whartanti


The Role of Student Worksheet Media in Moderating Student Achievement

Amelia Siti Marwah, Najmudin Najmudin, Lina Rifda Naufalin


Novice Investors Intention To Use XBRL With Age, Gender, And Experience As Moderating Variables

Satsya Yoga Baswara, Yureza Rian Wibowo; Gabriel Dading Purnomo


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