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Developing an Interactive Multimedia Based on Local Culture for Teaching Writing Narrative Texts for the Eighth Graders

sigit sulistiyanto, Abdurrachman Faridi, Mursid Saleh

411-417 |

Implementation of Three Metafunctions in Verbal Language and Visual Image of Students’ Textbook

Tia Pertama, Dwi Rukmini, Dwi Anggani Linggar Bharati

418-431 |

The Realization of Teachers’ Code Switching in Instructional Process.

Musmuliadi Musmuliadi, Januarius Mujiyanto, Djoko Sutopo

432-438 |

The Appraisal of Eulogies Delivered at Mrs. Lee Kuan Yew Memorial Service

Inayatul Maula, Djoko Sutopo, Sri Wuli Fitriati

439-444 |

The Comparison of Lexical Bundles in Conversation Texts between Four Corners and English Intensive Course Books

Nurma Aini, Abdurrachman Faridi, Sri Wuli Fitriati

445-451 |

Children’s Production of Interlanguage in Speaking English As The Foreign Language

yulia shinta kusumaningtyas, Dwi Rukmini, Sri Wuli Fitriati

452-460 |

The Influence of Teachers’ Code Switching on Students’ Understanding of Their Messages

Ari Putri Haryanti, Januarius Mujiyanto, Abdurrachman Faridi

461-468 |

The Ideational Meaning in Khalil Gibran’s work “The Prophet”

Isti Kristiani, Djoko Sutopo, Warsono Warsono

479-488 |

Developing Project-Based Writing Assessment Module to Stimulate Students’ Critical Thinking and Creativity

Tutik Lestari, Dwi Anggani Linggar Bharati, Dwi Rukmini

499-507 |

Lecturers and Students’ Perception and Practices of Students’ Presentation to Enhance Their Speaking Skills

Firdausi Wimad Saritwa, Sri Wuli Fitriani, Abdurrachman Faridi

508-514 |

Developing Problem-based Speaking Assessment Model to Stimulate Students’ Critical Thinking and Creativity

Aniq Mukhoyyar, Dwi Anggani Linggar Bharati, Januarius Mujiyanto

515-522 |

The Flouts of Grice’s Maxims in An Animated Cartoon Serial Spongebob Squarepants

Destra Wibowo Kusumo, Januarius Mujiyanto, Djoko Sutopo

530-537 |