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Students’ Perceptions of Reflective Practices (RP) Implementation to Learn Critical Thinking (CT) in Class Discussions (CD)

Rezza Fatwassani, Sri Wuli Fitriati, Dwi Anggani Linggar Bharati

144-156 |

Developing Problem-Solving Based Assessment to Stimulate Critical Thinking and Creativity of Students’ Writing Skill

Rifki Nurlaili Hidayat, Dwi Rukmini, Dwi Anggani Linggar Bharati

164-171 |

The The Use of Appraising Items in Doyle’s Novel Titled A Study in Scarlet

Ranti Harvi Rahimi, Sri Wuli Fitriati, Djoko Sutopo

181-188 |

The The Realization of Interpersonal, Ideational, and Textual Meaning in Graduate Students’ Research Paper

Hesti Eka Wardani, Djoko Sutopo, Abdurrahman Faridi

189-197 |

The The Influence of Class Shift on Achieving Semantic Meaning in the English-Indonesian Translation of Yule’s Pragmatics

Muhammad Aulia Taufiqi, Rudi Hartono, Januarius Mujiyanto

198-205 |

Translation Errors in Students’ Indonesian-English Translation Practice

Hanifah Nur Najibah Koman, Rudi Hartono, Issy Yuliasri

206-218 |

THE The Use of Attitudinal Domain in The English Version of Wedding Procession Natoni at South Central Timor

Yusanti Nenci Faot, Sri Wuli Fitriati, Mrs., Abdurrachman Faridi

219-225 |

The Use of Cultural Transposition for Rendering Culture-Specific Items in English-to-Indonesian Translation of Brown’s Inferno

Muhammad Alimul Khakim, Dwi Anggani Linggar Bharati, Januarius Mujiyanto

234-243 |

The Effectiveness of Affective and Social Strategies to Teach Speaking for Students with High and Low self Confidence

Siti Aniqoh Shofwani, Abdurrahman Faridi, Dwi Anggani Linggar Bharati

244-253 |

The Implementation of Character Education in the English Teaching Learning Using 2013 Curriculum

Naelatut Thoyyibah, Rudi Hartono, Dwi Anggani L. Bharati

254-266 |

The Implementation of Thematic Development in Exposition Texts by EFL Learners

Aldha Williyan, Djoko Sutopo, Widhiyanto Widhiyanto

276-283 |