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The Realization of Ideology of Translation in Rendering Figurative Language in Dashner’s The Fever Code

Muhammad Ilyas, Djoko Sutopo, Januarius Mujiyanto

440-449 |

The Realization of Transitivity Systems in Undergraduate Learners’ Argumentative Essay Texts

Endang Siti Nurkholidah, Djoko Sutopo, Widhiyanto Widhiyanto

450-458 |

THE The Soundness of Arguments in The American Presidential Debate Between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Rangga Permana, Mursid Saleh, Sri Wuli Fitriati

467-475 |

The Inclusion of Ideology in Jokowi’s Speech Viewed from the Perspective of Appraisal Theory

Gisty Listiani, Dwi Rukmini, Widhiyanto Widhiyanto

476-483 |

The Comparison of Appraisal Resources in Argumentative Essays Written by Students with Different Proficiency Levels

Meli Fauziah, Warsono Warsono, Widhiyanto Widhiyanto

484-491 |

THE The Use of Music Background in Teaching Reading Comprehension for Negative and Positive Students’ Perception

Dery Purnama Saefudin, Mursid Saleh, Warsono Warsono

501-508 |

The Alignment of and Gaps between the Needs Analysis, the 2013 Curriculum and Classroom Practice of CLT Approach

Anisa Dian Kusumawardani, Abdurrachman Faridi

509-516 |

The The Interpersonal Meaning in Trump’s Victory Speech

Andini Syita Savitri, Warsono Warsono

527-540 |

The Use of Thematic Progression in the Journal Artcile of “U-JET”

Suci Hati Puji Lestari, Januarius Mujiyanto, Murshid Saleh

558-564 |

Types and Functions of Hedges and Boosters in Graduate Students’ Research Articles

Danu Angga Vebriyanto, Januarius Mujiyanto

565-574 |