Tetrahedral Finite Elements (FE) for Multiscale Soft Composite Material Modeling

  • Sugeng Waluyo University of Jenderal Soedirman


This paper presents a novel method to implement common linear 4-nodes tetrahedral finite element (FE) for multiscale soft composite materials modeling. This type of compositesis getting their popularity as magneto- and electro-sensitive materials for industrial applications. The underlying idea behind this work is to give virtual meshing process or additional virtual elements inside the “physical†linear tetrahedral elements above which are usually visualized in the graphical user interfaces. Since this work is just at the beginning, we use only linear tetrahedral element as the virtual elements representing thecomposite structures for simplicity. To account for large deformation normally observed in such particular soft materials, we use finite strain FE kinematics formulation with hyperelastic material model. Numerical experiments are performed at the end to briefly show the working principle of our proposed method