Meat Analog Manufacturing Technology based Necklace Crickets and Fruit (Jackfruit and Pumpkin) an Alternative Source of Animal Protein Food Ingredients

  • Tri Mayasari Semarang State University, Indonesia
  • Eka Aprilia Mardiansyah Semarang State University, Indonesia
  • Emas Agus Prastyo Wibowo Semarang State University, Indonesia


Meat analog is a product made from vegetable protein material is not meat, but similar to the characteristics of original meat. Vegetable protein sources that can be used very much with several requirements that must be fulfilled, such as having fibers resembling meat and rubbery. Using crickets and jackfruit be a fusion into a meat analog chewy and rich of protein. Cricket is an insect that in great quantities around us. This existence usually used as bird feed pets only, so the selling price is verycheap. Based on research , cricket has a high protein that to be ingredients source food. In the already fried crickets containing 10.465% bk of protein.Jackfruit has thin to thick of fruit meat which has fibers like original meat.Fibers contained in jackfruit by 1.58% and 9.85% bk of carbohydrates. This research also use pumpkin. Processing of fruit (jackfruit and pumpkin) and crickets meat analog is mixing the crickets that have been fried, boiled jackfruit and the other additivesmaterials.Boiled of jackfruit aim to inactivate the enzyme causes the decrease in quality during storage and to soften the texture of jackfruit.So, the crickets and jackfruit blend will produce meat analog rich in protein, carbohydrates and certainly chewy like original meat.