Validity of Multiple Representation Supported Argumentation (MRSA) Learning Model to Treat Complex System Reasoning Ability

  • Sumarno Sumarno UNESA, Indonesia
  • Muslimin Ibrahim UNESA, Indonesia
  • ZA Imam Supardi UNESA, Indonesia


Complex systems have a hierarchical nature and multi-level interaction, so it needs to be investigated how the conception of inter-level interacting. It requires a complex system of reasoning in order to obtain an understanding of how the various components, behaviors and interactions that occur in the system or between systems. The implications of this requires learning models to treat complex systems reasoning ability. The learning model of multiple representation supported argumentation (MRSA) was developed based on multiple representation and argumentation. Validation is done by experts through group discussion. The tests show that the MRSA model is valid in construction and content to treat complex systems reasoning ability.