The Application of Project Based Learning Using Mind Map to Improve Students Environmental Attitudes of Waste Management In Junior High School

  • Aay Susilawati Indonesia University of Education, Indonesia
  • Hernani Hernani Indonesia University of Education, Indonesia
  • P. Sinaga Indonesia University of Education, Indonesia


This research aims to determined the effectiveness of project based learning method using mind map in science learning for the topic of waste management and its solution to improve students’ environmental attitudes. The research method was quasy experiment which used pretest-posttest control group design. Subject of the research was grade 7th involved two classes in one of private junior high school in Bandung regency. The instrument which was used was the test data collection techniques is by pretest-posttest on environmental attitudes students with questionnaire and observation from peer assessment, teacher to observer environmental attitudes in the school, and observation from parents for observe environmental at the home.The data were analyzed by considering the gain which has its normalization and counting size effect. The result of the data analysis was obtained from gain <g> = 0,61 for experiment class and <g> = 0,41 for control class, and effect size d = 0,37 and ther increase at the school and home after application project based learning with mind map. Conclusion from this research is PjBL (Project Based Learning) method using Mind Map  for the topic of waste  and its management works effectively since it has small effect to improve students’ environmental attitudes.