The Efforts to Increase Mathematical Performance and Motivation of Underachiever Student through Quantum Learning

  • Jayanti Putri Purwaningrum Universitas Muria Kudus, Indonesia


Underachiever student is a student who has a high level of intelligence but acquire learning achievement below average (low). Underachiever is caused by the way the teacher chooses a model for delivering mathematic materials and treats student during the teaching and learning activities. In addition, lack of motivation and low self-perception of student on the ability to obtain high achievement also becomes the factor causing the student tobe an underachiever. Thus, the teacher’s understanding to the underachiever student's character and the implementation of the mathematic learning process to the evaluation and following-up study should be concerned in order to achieve a successful learning. One of the efforts to increase the underachiever student's mathematical achievement and motivation is through quantum learning. Quantum Learning is fun learning that is expected to increase student interest so at last their learning outcomes can be improved overall. Fun learning environment can also create motivation on student that directly affects student learning.